Meet Lodestar


“What is your name?” Charlotte asked. In the corner of her eye she saw several Hobs’ eyes grow wide, and others shook their heads or arms at her.

  The Unitaur snorted. “What your Hobs are trying to tell you is that Unitaurs tell their name to precious few, and you are not precious to me.” She tossed her hair to the side and looked down at her. “However, you and anybody else may call me Lodestar if you absolutely must have a common name to address me with.”

It’s time for another character, isn’t it?  Today I’d like to introduce you to another Magani from my books, Lodestar.  Lodestar is a Unitaur.  So, she’s half woman and half Unicorn.  When I introduced Lodestar, I had already introduced Centaurs into my books.  But at this point, I was guy heavy in my books.  So along came Lodestar.  She was one of the characters who walked onto the page, handed me her requirements for working with me, and then went to work on the scene.

I tossed her requirements in the trash.  She straightened her back and glared at me.  I shrugged and took a long drink of coffee.  “Just do your job and I’ll give you your space.”  I said and crossed my legs.  “Alright, people, Commence!”

She and Charlotte hit it off immediately.  In a snippy fellowship kind of way.  They are both saucy and bossy.  The difference is that Charlotte is beginning her journey, and Lodestar has seen many, many journeys.  Lodestar is used to having other Magani look up to her and respect her.  Charlotte is used to the Dane world where respect is earned.  Let the clashing begin.

Lodestar is a secretive character.  I do reveal a little about her toward the end of the first book, but it won’t be until later in the series that we really learn more about her.  If she lets us.  Just kidding.  She and I have an understanding.  A pact.  A pinkie swearing promise.

Fine.  We have a contract.

She will be in and out of the books to dispense her sauciness and wisdom and bite heads off.  And later, you will get to race alongside her and the Centaurs.  It will be a heart-pounding, hair-whipping, wind-rushing  good book.  I can’t wait to get there!

P.S., apparently, I murdered Lodestar’s image in my ten minute sketch above. 

She’s demanding an apology. 



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