Meet David

It’s time to meet David.

Meet David

Okay, so insider secret.  David was originally not a part of book 1.  Not even a hint.   When I started writing book 2, I wanted Charlotte to have some more family.  The creation of David took my little throw a book together in several weeks and dream up possible stories to come later into a fully fledged book series.

 I started thinking of how I was going to handle more family, and I realized that there’s got to be extended family across the U.S. and that’s when I got the idea of Isaac having a sister who had a kid.


David comes sauntering up the front drive of the castle.

(only he wasn’t alone…but that’s a Meet Character for next week.)

The world exploded in my head.

So then I’m sitting at my dining room table, laptop open, brain open, mouth open…

And the dude is all smiles and magic and he’s even got a bit of a storyline already typed out on a piece of paper for me.  I’ve got shaky hands, but I take it and read it over and stutter, “Welcome to the cast, man.”

And he cleared his throat and handed me this packet of papers.  “Flaws in your timeline.”  He explains.  “Possible plot holes.  I think you should shift your focus with Charlotte.  She needs training.  The dear’s got sass, and that’s great, but she needs discipline.”

And I swallowed and my eyes got big and I stuttered something else, but I can’t tell you what it is because for the life of me I can’t remember much of that day.  There was a lot of head explosion and a lot of backtracking and a lot of changing and a lot of reworking.

Char and I both got knocked on our butts that day.

It was one of my first big lessons as a writer, and it came from a fictional character.

Hey now, don’t judge my sanity, please. 

I’ll be the old lady in the retirement home making you pee in your plastic pants. 

If you are lucky.

Another reason I added David was because I needed more weavers in my story.  I mean, knock knock, Aems, you create this world of magic and weavers and you get so into all the other fun characters that you neglect to get into the weavers much at all.  (I realized this as I was writing my end scenes for the first book and it was too late to just toss in a random weaver.  I was disappointed in myself, but I learned from it.)

Now,  David is a sweetheart of a guy.  He is not like the other guys in my book.  He hugs and gets in your face and holds Charlotte’s hand when she doesn’t want him to because he knows that she needs touch.  He knows she needs family.  He’s a funny guy, jokes most of the time, and he’s got a light hearted outlook on life.

He’s also got secrets.  You’ll get tidbits of those secrets throughout book 2.

But the best thing about David?

He loves the broken.

It takes a special person to love a broken person.  You see, David is a Master Weaver.  He’s been training apprentices for years.  Like, crazy amount of years.  And that’s why he’s a get in your face and scold you kind of guy.  A hug you kind of guy.  Because he cares.

And I’ve got to stop.  I may have said too much.  Or I’m about to.  It’s just…I’m about to start a chapter with David in the third book, and I’ve got the guy on my brain.

 Stay tuned to learn about the dude he brought with him. 


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