Meet Vincent

I am going to give you the partial creation story of Vincent.  You already know the beginning if you read Meet David.  I was sitting at my table, having just dealt with David, and there was Vincent, swaggering across the lawns.  He must have been caught in slow motion while I was dealing with David.  Anyway, I sent away the cast, including David, into the castle to rest for a bit, then ran up to this new character, who did not have a name yet.

“Go Away!”  I shouted at him.

He shook his head at me and kept walking, all thunder and lightening.

“You do not belong here!  I know what you are about, and I am NOT one of those writers!  I will have none of you on this set!”

He didn’t even blink at me.  I mean, there I was, being all commanding and in my element and having NONE of his NONSENSE and there he was having NONE of MINE!  How incredibly rude!

“I don’t think you understand.”  I tried to reason with him as I kept my one way argument going.  “I’m sure you are a GREAT character.  Hey, why don’t we talk about having you in another series?  Once I’m done with this one, you can be the lead.  I think you have what it takes.”



And I never wanted to smack a fictional character so much in my entire life.

“I promised myself that this would not happen.”  I told him.  “And you do not fit.  You do not belong!”

He kept walking up the lawns.

“I have a story line!”  I begged.  “I can’t write you into it!”

He handed me his plans.

I fell to my knees.

And I may or may not have fanned myself with his plans.

“Ah…Well…Um…”  I looked nervously up at the castle.  “I hate you.”  I looked back at him.  “Just know that.”

But he only softened his eyes a little and gave me a sad half smile.

Vincent is an amazing character.  He gets under Char’s skin and she gets under his.  They are going to be fantastic friends.  In a throwing magic at each other kind of way.

In my tidbits of book two, you will get to see Vincent growing up, and some of what David went through taking care of him.  Vincent was a broken kid, but David didn’t give up.  Here’s one of those tidbits:

David sat in his chair, hands in his head.

The small boy was finally asleep upstairs in his room.

It had been the longest day of his life, and it was only the first day.

But this time he would not fail.

No matter what it took, this time he would not lose a child’s life.

I get the giggles with David and Vincent.  I’m never really sure who to feel sorry for.

I get the giggles with Vincent and Charlotte.  I don’t feel sorry for either of them.  Here’s a peek from book two:

“He doesn’t have time to go.” Vincent said as he stepped back into the clearing. He was filthy and wind-blown and his clothes were tattered.

David’s face went serious and he took a few quick steps back so he stood behind Vincent. Vincent looked back at him. “I’ll talk to you later.” He turned back to face Charlotte. “You.” He began. “Do you have any idea what kind of trouble you have caused? Do you have any idea what kind of trouble you could have caused?”

“I don’t know.” She answered. Of course she didn’t know. What kind of question was that?

He stepped closer. “No, you don’t know. Do you know why that is?”

“Because you haven’t taught me yet?” She said, keeping her voice as calm as possible. Could they skip the nonsense?  

“Right.” He stepped closer. “Because it’s my job to teach you and it’s your job to learn from me. Right now I’m doing my job, but you aren’t doing yours.” He said.

She took a few steps back. “Oh, come off it. It was a simple mistake.”

Vincent stood as still as stone, breathing slowly.

David closed his eyes and shook his head at her.

“Please leave us.” Vincent said quietly as looked back at David.

David left the clearing quickly.  

Charlotte stepped up to Vincent. The anger in her boiled over. “You know, you’re a mess. All inspirational and helpful one moment, and shut off and cranky the next.”

“What did you just say?” Vincent asked with a laugh and a look that sent Charlotte a few more steps back.

“You heard me.” She said, her voice tone less sure.

“You know, you do need to show me some respect. You aren’t a slice of pie, princess.” Vincent said coolly.

How was she going to do this? They pulled at each other, back and forth. She stepped up to him. “I can’t take your rollercoaster!”

“My rollercoaster?” Vincent asked. He inched forward until there was nothing but anger between them. His voice was tight, low, and dangerously quiet. “Want to try riding yours?”

Charlotte opened her mouth to speak, but Vincent waved his hand quickly and she found herself unable to utter a sound.

“You know, Madam rollercoaster—” He pulled his gloves off and held them tight in his fist. “I’m not sure what chafes me more, the gloves or you.”

Charlotte stumbled back. Words could punch as well as fists.

“Follow me. Or stay lost. Up to you.”

Charlotte couldn’t help but feel that they were two different rollercoasters on the same track heading in opposite directions. Eventually the crash would come.

The story is what it is.

And Vincent is who he is.

Or is he?

Vincent will make you think.

He will be in and out, and later, much later, I’ll give him a chance to tell his full story.

Or learn his full story.

Something like that.



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