Meet Lilybet

  So today I want to introduce you to Lilybet.

Meet Lilybet

Miss Lilybet is a dwarf and a warrior.  The men dwarves have their Maguard, and the women have their Aeguard.  She is actually in an apprenticeship (her second) when she meets Char, and the two hit it off immediately.

Lilybet is good for Char because she’s a bit of a troublemaker, but she does it within her society’s rules.  Well, she breaks the rules and knows there will be a berating to come of it later.

Lilybet is a character who has gone through huge changes from first draft to third draft.  Actually, she had another name in the first draft, and then somewhere in the second I decided to flip around the names of the main three Aeguard I introduced in the 2nd book.

Speaking of, I’ve been feeling very guilty about having too many characters in my books.  I know it’s not easy.  I have them down, but they are so very real to me!  I didn’t intend to be one of those writers.  It just is what it is.  I can’t not be who I am.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to write a book with just a few characters.  Maybe.  I mean, how DO writers do that?  It kinda reminds me of teaching.  You know, how one person can thrive in a grade level that would drive another person to insanity?  You have to know who you are as a writer and stand strong.  I stand here, knowing that it’s possible that my books may go nowhere because I have a giant cast.  But it works for me.   

Okay, back to Lilybet.  She’s honestly a flat character.  She was a flat character in the first draft, and a different flat character in the second and third drafts.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever dive into more of her story, but I absolutely adore her personality.  You know, her flat personality.  People, I have to admit something:  I love flat characters and I cannot lie.

Yep, I love flats.  I love rounds.  I love flats who turn into rounds.  I just love ’em all.

I think I’m tangenting again.


Bottom line is that Lilybet is a friend, and Char is going to need all she can get.

So here’s to awesome dwarves.  I love that the women have their own army.  I love that Lilybet took Char on as a friend.  I love that she’s spunky and daring and brave.

Now, I’m out again for a bit.  I’m wrapping up the first draft, and I’d like it to be done by the end of this month.  Here’s to having a one chapter a day goal.  It’s working well for me.  I’ll be back later and I’ll have another couple of free days coming up soon!   

Battle Bravely, Love Strongly,




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