Bonus Story Bite-Eminente

Today is my last day of showing a tidbit of my baddies.  Today is Eminente, the main guy we have only seen a fleeting bit of so far in my books.  Don’t worry, you’ll see a lot more of him in the middle books.  My offering today is small, but since I am keeping him under wraps on purpose, this is a lot for me to reveal.  


The screaming had finally subsided.  The first thing he would do when he fnally got magic was to learn how to shut them up.  No, first he would halt the aging process.  It was bit ambitious for first magic, but he was confident that he would manage it.  He had studied for years out of the stolen textbooks; memorizing bit by bit the spells and potions they hoarded.

He massaged his wrinkly, aching hands and sat down in his chair to stretch his legs out.  They had been little legs once, sneaking across a ship deck and crouching for long periods of time.  He had aimed for a fresh start in a new land, and been rewarded with the knowledge of a secret he had thought was long behind him: magic.

No, not the magic of children and storybooks and legends passed down from person to person.  One cloudy, cold night he had seen real magic.

“I know what I saw.”  He argued.

Sometimes the voice was kind.  Other times it was harsh.  Most of the time it urged him on, but occasionally it fought against and doubted him. Someday he would shut that voice up, too.

He stood and straightened his suspenders.  It was time to find the magic rug now.  

Thanks for reading.  Look out for free books soon.  I think I’m going to do an entire week for both books in November.  Have a good weekend!



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