Julia-Bonus Story Bite

Back in October, I unveiled some backstories of my villains, but I skipped Julia and gave you a chapter preview of her in book three instead.  Today I want to share a tiny bit of her story.  It is different than the stories of my other baddies, and I felt that it was fitting to share it today. 

I am in a mood today.  Ha!

You know, one of the things I love most about writing is the chance to share something with somebody else.  Whether it’s a part of who I am and what I believe in, or a place and people who exist only in my mind.  But sometimes sometimes I also hate it.  I get tired of sharing and feeling like I’m giving myself away.  I’m having one of those days where I want to go find a cabin somewhere and just be alone. 

 Which means that I’ll probably be playing a lot with my imaginary friends today. 

Another thing about writing that I love and hate is the feeling that it’s never enough.  I love that I can expand on my world and share more, but I hate that I feel like I’m never doing the world in my head justice.  Sorry, story.  How did you end up stuck with me?

Yeah, I should probably shut up for the day.  Here’s Julia and a bit more about the world of the birds.

Tribal Feather

Julia adored the wind. She loved how it shoved between the crevices of the boulders and rushed against her tiny, pale body. She was fascinated by how it could shape and mold over a long period of time as well as shove and rearrange in the flap of a wing. The wind was quiet and loud. Rough and soft. Large and small. Kind and mean. She enjoyed the way it swept her long, blue hair across her blue wings, tickling her feathers and back.

“You were born on a windy night.” Her mother said when she told the story of her only child’s birth. “The pains came while the sun was playing with the idea of setting, and I flew to the place I wanted to have you.”

“Where, Mother?”

“In the ancient aerie where I used to sneak and play as a child.” She smiled and ran the brush through her hair. “It has been closed off for many years, but the magic of our ancestors still vibrates through the rocks, waiting and watching for rebirth.”

“Why is it closed off?”

Her mother set the brush down and sat down on the bed next to her. “The royals wanted something bigger and grander.” She ran her soft fingers through her daughter’s hair. “But we both know that bigger isn’t always better, don’t we?”

The little girl smiled.

“I arrived at the aerie and snuck through the entrance I used to sneak in. I almost didn’t fit.” She laughed her beautiful laugh. “Then I went to the room I had chosen, and lit the candles and waited for you to come.”

“Were you scared?”

“No, my dear.” She rubbed the child’s arm. “The wind rushed and roared outside. Inside I danced while I could. When the stars and the moon shone bright in the dark, the pains and my waters exploded. It took some work to push you out, but you were worth it.” She stood and began her ritual of blowing out the candles one by one. “You and I stayed at the aerie until you were a month old.”

“But Mother, how did you do that? Susie says that her mother was attended by other women for her month after birth.”

“I learned and prepared, little one. By the time you were ready to leave my womb, I had already made a comfortable home in some rooms of the aerie. I had stashed clothes and food and anything else we would need, and managed to get the bathing room functioning properly.”

“Why did you have me alone?”

“Because that is the way of our people.” Her mother said. “Susie’s parents don’t know the old ways, but my mother was a keeper of history.” She sat back down on the bed. Only the candle on the nightstand remained lit. “I wanted to stay there forever, but I returned to your father and our community and we settled in.”

“I want to go there.” Julia said. “I want to see where I was born.”

“I will take you on your next birthday, and begin your training to be a keeper.” She pulled the blanket over the girl and blew out the last candle. “I’m supposed to wait until your birthday, but I think we can share a first secret tonight.” She whispered. “You can do anything you want, my darling bluebird. The magic runs through our blood. We do not use it much anymore, and many don’t even remember that it’s there.” She kissed her head. “It comes to us at a certain point, but we ignore it.”


“Because we have forgotten. We have told ourselves that it doesn’t exist, and so we don’t hear it when it calls.”

“How does it call?”

She laughed softly. “You will know. You will feel it deep inside, and when you do, I want you to promise me that you will go to the ancient aerie.” She tucked her hair behind her ear and patted the girl once more. “There is magic all around. It is in the trees and the flowers and the rocks and the water. It is in the blood that flows through your body.”

Julia yawned.

“Promise me that you will go there and learn.”

“I promise, Mother.”

“Sleep, my child, and dream of magic.”

Have an amazing weekend. 

Make it magical.



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