TMI Friday 1


Dangerous waters, I know.

Not worried?  Proceed!


I’d like to start out by saying that I’m aware of how gross this story is.

It’s a mild story, but it may cause unfriending/unfollowing/a rejection of my books.

 Of course, my goofball hair style up there may do that, too.  Such is life.

Okay, so almost 12 years ago, I bought a bed.  I was newly out of college and had my first full time teaching job.  I had been sleeping on dorm beds/futons/spare beds/ garage sale beds until that point, and was proud that I was able to afford to buy:


Beds are important to me.

But anyway, I was dating at this point, and it was fairly serious.  Like, I bought him a NICE PILLOW to go along with my NICE BED right next to my NICE PILLOW kind of serious.

I only buy pillows for people I love.

Fast forward 12ish years.  The bed has come and gone.  We’ve upgraded to a king.  We bought a cheaper one last time, but we kinda added four people to the family, so, you know, we have 5 beds now.

Someday we will have a NICE BED again.

But that’s not the point.

We still have the pillows.

Nasty, gross, stained, 12 year old pillows.

I swear we’ve tried to replace them.  Multiple times.

But those ancient expensive pillows are still better than new cheap ones.

Le sigh.

I am currently trying to get us to swap to a new set of pillows.  AGAIN.

Cross your fingers for us.

I do not want to hit 20 years of marriage and still have the same pillows as when we were dating.

That’s not romantic or sentimental.

It’s just gross.

Have an awesome weekend, sweethearts. 

Stay tuned for TMI Friday 2, and other new things to come that I said I would do a long time ago, but then I never really got around to it, and I feel a little bad about that, but not too much, because I can’t do everything.

Also…Apex Transcendence will be released March 8th!  My husband taught me how to format, and so I’ve combed through the first two books and fixed formatting and a few spelling problems and made things more consistent throughout all 3 books.  Oooh, oooh, I have a glossary and appendices in them now, too!  Yay, me!  Kindle versions should be updated soon.  I’d like to give away some books, so contact me if interested.   

Until later,

Battle Bravely,

Love Strongly,

and replace your pillows!



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