Charlotte Locklear

Charlotte is my imaginary friend.
Wait, I mean she’s my primary character.
Well…actually she is my main primary character.
But!   If she were real, she would be my friend.
Unless she wouldn’t, and in that case I would cry.

Be a writer, they said.  It will be fun, they said. 

Charlotte is the daughter of Isaac and Audrey Locklear.  (Isaac is the son of Hugo and Amadahy Locklear, the couple I wrote about yesterday.)

She is brave and loud and passionate.  She feels a little too much and she jumps in before she looks.  My book will take her through her twenties, which I am over the moon about.  She’ll also be 4/5 years old for a while in a book or two (so far), which I’ve found hilarious.  (Sorry, Char.  I’m guessing by the fact that you stopped talking to me for a few weeks that it wasn’t so fun for you.)

The books will take her from:
Practically a Princess
to What Are You Thinking?
to Heroine Divine.

Here’s a paragraph about Charlotte from Phoenix Incandescent (Book 1):

Charlotte blinked and the memory faded. The magic had never come. At her age, the chance of it happening was gone. She knew what life was like being in and out of the magical world, but there was no one thing that made her want to choose one over the other. She crossed the room and slammed the attic door behind her. The weight of her decision dangled above her like a faulty chandelier. Marry into the magical world, or have her memory erased.   

One of my favorite elements of my books is the tidbit of history I have at the beginning of each chapter.  Here’s one from Charlotte’s childhood: (PI:Ch 19)

Audrey dropped the tray of paints of brushes.
Charlotte stood in front of her, little arms crossed and small foot tapping.
She was covered in paint, but her face was streaked with tears.
Charlotte turned and Audrey covered her mouth with her hand.
The girl’s back was covered with glue and feathers.
“Mama, Beau says I won’t ever be able to fly. But someday I will.
Someday I will have magic, too. Someday I will show you all.”

Of course, she got a little more desperate as time went on:  (PI:Ch 5)

The closet door slammed behind them.
She pulled his shirt off and kissed him hard.
He was adorable and a bad boy in his own right.
And he was a weaver.
Perhaps she could force her magic to activate.
She smiled and crooked her finger at him.
He pressed her up against the door.

Oh, sweetheart, I’m not sure that’s how it works.  But what do I know?  I’m just the author.

Char and I have had an interesting relationship.  She and I rubbed each other the wrong way for at first, but the more and longer we worked together, the tighter we became.  We have giggles breaks and inside jokes and swoon fests.  Once I called her into my office and asked her to change her hair color for the sake of my issues.  (She was so sweet to help me out!)

It hasn’t been all fun and games between us, though.  Okay, here’s a secret that I’ve never told a soul:

Once, while I was writing Book 2 (Malignant Transfiguration), I locked her (and most of the rest of the cast) in an attic in the castle.  I just couldn’t face her while I planned the rest of the series.  But don’t worry, I let her have her revenge on the character I planned with.  (Book 11)

Right now I am gearing up for the middle section of the 9 book arc.  (Books 10, 11, and 12 are stand alones)  Charlotte is going to go through something I haven’t seen in literature often, and I’m completely serious about what she’s going to do.

Charlotte Locklear

Until then…

Thanks for putting up with me, my readers who have been around to see this post redone.  And thanks for joining me, my new readers!

Battle Bravely,
Love Strongly,








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