The Book that was All About the Guys

Okay, so I’ve been all, YAY book 4, you are the best!!!  Right?  I do it each book, and I love my job, so that’s what you will get each time.  But I do want to confess something that I’ve got on my mind for book 4.

It’s mostly from guy viewpoints.

(So book 1, PI, was mainly from Charlotte’s POV.
Book 2, MT, was when I expanded and played with POVs.  It was Charlotte and Vincent with splatterings of Beau and David and others.
Book 3, AT, I really expanded my POVs.  There were a few chapters from David/Vincent, some from Beau, and chapters from nearly all of the girls.  It was so fun to have a girlpower book!)
Book 4?  It’s Charlotte.  And a BUNCH of guys.  Guys, guys, everywhere.  Old ones, young ones.  Good ones, bad ones.  Guys with magic and guys with tales.  Guys with wands and guys with scales.

(I started having poetry cravings yesterday.  It’s exploding from my head left and right and I’m having trouble controlling it.  Love me anyway.)

Anyway, I’m nervous to be honest.  I have never had so much guy stuff in a book.  I’m so nervous that I invented a national magical sport for weavers so the guys could watch it.

Don’t laugh.
Oh, wait, I can’t see you.  Laugh it up!

So what am I going to do?  (When I’m not fanning myself?)

For one I’m going to trust myself as a writer a bit.  I have already written for guys, and since I’m the -has a bazillion characters writer- I have different kinds of guys that I’ve already written about.  Tough.  Sweet.  Chill.  Emotional.  Funny.

I’m also going to admit that I’m not perfect and that the only way to learn is by doing.

And perhaps I should get some opinions when I am ready.  My husband, as always, will read and critique.  But I think I’m going to see if I can find some other critiquers.  This seems like an impossible feat at the moment.  I mean, I’m talking I need to find people who (if they haven’t read books 1-3) will catch up in the series and (hopefully) some/enough of them will stick with me for the 12 books.  Or at least the 9.  But I feel like I’m proposing, lol.  I need a sign that says, “Writer seeks steady relationship with top secret behind the scenes readers”.

(I have a contact form and inboxes on various social media outlets in the case that somebody out there is crazy enough to work with me.  Free reading…long series…magic!) 

I’m also going to trust myself as a person.  I did grow two little dudes in my womb, and I live with them and their Daddy.  Being a writer means observing human behavior, and I’ve got plenty of that experience.

Overall, I’m going to do my job, scaredy cat, or not.  Because seriously, how much time can I waste being afraid when I have better things to do?  Like writing about mermen.

(I was going to say something here but I got distracted by chest muscles.  My bad.)

Write Bravely,
Think Manly,
Get the job done.



Character Inspiration for one of the guys in Opalescent Immersion.


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