The Day the Kitchen Revolted

Yesterday was a normal, crazy day in my household.  I was tired from a weekend of yard work, yet energized by the new school month.  The children were outside playing in the sun, supper was in the crockpot, and I was finishing up with morning cleaning.  I was contemplating whether or not I should try to squeeze in a little mid day writing when I turned around and noticed this:

The revolt begins.

My writer senses went off.

But I didn’t listen at first.  I shoved it back into the drawer and stepped back.  Then my creative senses yelled at me.  I looked around the empty kitchen.  Kids were busy playing.  Husband was busy at work.  I was gloriously alone to be me.

I pulled the drawer out, inched the hook back into place, and grabbed my camera.

The adventure continued.

The escape

We were having ribs that night.  The crockpot/boiling method was new to me, but I figured I’d give it a try.  BBQ sauce.  Yum.

Wait, writing and creativity, not food.

At some point my old friend, doubt, whispered a few not nice things about this process.  I told him to zip it and find a corner.

And then I had some more fun.

Through dangerous lands.

It got a little crazy.  I mean, I know it’s the first time for this recipe, but there really wasn’t any need for all this interference!

Hey! That's supper!

And then came the daring descent!

The Descent

By now the kids had caught on that Mommy was being quiet and that she should probably be checked on.

Darn kid radars.  Having four of them means that somebody is likely on sentry duty and I have less wiggle room to escape detection.

You know, revolts are good refreshers in life.  Yesterday I was reminded that it’s okay to have some fun with my creativity.   Yes, I’m trying to build a writing career here, but I want to look back and remember more than just a continuous stream of sacrifices.

Oh, and never fear.  The kitchen revolt team made it to the dishwasher.  Apparently, they were in need of a spa day.  I think we all do now and then.

Have an awesome week!

  Work Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard,


This creative moment brought to you by
Ooops, I Forgot to Make the Rest of Supper.

P.S.  A special thanks to K.M. Guerin for the title and reminder to write this one out.  :o)


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