The Story of my Hobs

I know I say this about every character and every race of characters in my books, but I simply adore my hobs.

“What is a hob?”  You ask.  “Is that some form of hobbit?”

It’s time for a creation story!

The Story of my Hobs

So let’s back up to those sunny days when I sat outside with my four babies, who were still actually babies at that point…  (Yeppers, Le Sigh)  I was spending every spare moment I could squeeze researching magical creatures far and wide.  And, of course, I came across the page for dun dun dun…  Hobgoblins.  I, like any fantasy reader who is worth their salt, knew precisely what a hobgoblin was.

Okay, so I’m not worth my salt.  But I did recognize the name from Tolkien, and I knew how to look things up.

***I interrupt this story session to say that I was about to talk about a little known fact about hobgoblins.  When I went to my source to double check before I acted like I knew something, I found that the page had been rewritten with no indication of the cool story existing anymore.  Not cool, source.  Not cool.  You totally knocked down the pretend awesomeness of my creation story.***

So what can I say?  Hob is short for hobgoblin.  Puck was a hobgoblin.  They are cousins of brownies.  Kinda naughty.  Like to chill by the hearth.  I loved the idea of them from the get-go, and so I wrote them into my story.  They are the keepers of the house.  They have only minor magic, but there is one hob who was trained in magic.  (I wonder when that story will fully come forth?)

In my first book, I describe one of them as so:

Charlotte hopped down from the stool and made her way to Josef’s side. She gave his gray hair a kiss that he acknowledged with a loving grunt and a half smile. Under the super thick hair was a thin frame of muscles in a three-foot tall hobgoblin body that reminded her of a beautiful young boy and a weathered old man all at the same time.    

 The hobs are connected to Charlotte’s Father, Isaac, who inherited them from his father (who inherited them from his father, and so on).  They are passed down through wizardry families, one or more of them splitting off to start a new household with the grown children of whichever wizard they are bound to.

Isaac set forth with brothers, Josef (who manages the household of hobs) and Basil (who is the castle cook.  Good thing his parents knew exactly what to name him, right?)

Charlotte’s best friend, Chime (daughter of Josef), is a hob, and my stories mention the other hobs here and there.  Some, like Josef, Basil, Chime, Sebastian, and Spindle, have major (ish) roles to play.  Some are in and out.  Some are straight laced.  Some of adventures and pull off the best pranks!  I love them all.

They are hard workers and kind and dedicated and a little mischievous.  They also, because I am trying to be realistic here, tend to have some negative qualities, too.

I think I better wrap this up before I spill something, but seriously, I cannot wait to reveal some of the secrets and stories I’ve only hinted so far!

Before I go, I thought I’d give you a little Family Tree Cheat Sheet for the named hobs in my books.  (Okay, so I didn’t name Bonnie or Trinket.  Those two are bonuses that I’ve been keeping in my files.)

Josef (m) Bonnie

Basil (m) Trinket

On a final note, I want a hob.  This cooking and cleaning and caring for 6 people is for the birds.  I mean, the hobs.

Love Strongly
Hob Greatly-Aems


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