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Hey ya’ll!

Today I have two new videos for you.  The first is a general introduction for my book series.  Or me rambling.  Something like that.  I share at least a couple of secrets from my books and talk a bit about where I’m going in my future books.

The second is me reading the first chapter of Phoenix Incandescent.  There may be wild hair and a child interruption in that one.

I do not like to hear or watch myself, so believe me when I say that I forced myself to do all of this.  Actually, everything I do to promote my books is forced.  I’d live happily in a cabin surrounded by trees if I could, but that won’t sell any books.

I have three more videos to share soon.  A chapter from Malignant Transfiguration.  A chapter from Apex Transcendence.  And a bonus!  A chapter from Opalescent Immersion, even though it’s not really up to snuff.

Hope you enjoy the videos, and have an awesome week!

Battle Bravely
Love Strongly


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