New Pages Up

As promised, I’m unhiding some of previous posts, and creating character pages.  You will now find a Meet the Characters page and The Baddies page.  I opened up a few posts, but it’s going to take me a little more time on another day (or few) to dig around and get the others.  Some of them, like the Meet Charlotte post, will likely be tweaked a bit.  Those I will put up as a new post, and then add the link in on the appropriate page.

On Wednesday, I will have a new vlog (about the Weavers) for you, and I should have a new Meet the Character for you on Friday.

I’m working hard on finishing up this draft of Opalescent Immersion, but my plot shifted and so I’m redoing a lot at the end.  It’s for the best, though!  Also, I have an announcement coming soon.  I know what magani the 5th book will be about!  Title and magani reveal to come soon!

Hope you have a magical week, and see you around!

Battle Bravely
Love Strongly




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