Weaver Video and More

Good Morning I’ve Actually Had Enough Caffeine Today! (or perhaps too much!)

Okay, so three quick things this morning.  First, I brought back my Meet Lodestar post from long ago, which was one of my favorite Meet the Character posts ever.

Second, I decided to have a Summer Sale!  All of my books are only $0.99 this summer!

Third, as promised, I have a video for you today.  This one is a basic intro on the weavers of my books.

I’m off now.  It seems to me that I always stink at the second half of the book.  Then, BAM! The story finally gets good, but that means I have to scrap nearly all the stuff I had before.  Boo and Yay.

Hope you have an awesome day!

Battle Bravely
Love Strongly



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