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It’s that time again!  I’ve been quietly brewing some exciting things behind the scenes, and it’s time to start rolling them out.


These super exciting things will be happening on my social media outlets in the coming weeks:

  1.  Cover Reveal for Opalescent Immersion
  2. Book Trailer for Opalescent Immersion
  3. Quotes in meme form from OI (I’ll be making some for all books as I go.)
  4. Title Reveal for book 5 of the Endeavor Series

The release of Opalescent Immersion is 6 months away, but I’m going to be working really hard on advertising this time around.  I need your help!

  1.  I will be offering ARCs of OI soon.  Sign up for your very own package, complete with surprises!
  2. I will probably have a Goodreads giveaway or two.
  3. I will also have my own giveaway of a set of all four Endeavor books!
  4. I would love to see pics of OI, or any of my books, in my readers’ hands!  Or on the nightstand.  Or on the bookshelf.  In a box.  With a lox.  Wearing purple polka dot socks.  Whatever.  I’ll even take one of my book being used to prop up furniture.
  5. I need reviews of my books.  If you’ve read them, and you don’t mind, toss me some stars or a few words.
  6.   Spread the word.  Once I get closer, and especially if you have read the ARC, please tell others about my books, or loan them to others to read.  Books make great gifts, and there’s never a bad time of year to read!

Thanks everybody!  See you soon.  I’ve got some ideas for the blog that I’ll be working on, soon I’ll start book 5, and don’t forget…I’ve got a top secret book that I’ll be writing this fall/winter.  It’ll totally not be there, and then all of the sudden it’s going to be available.  Can’t wait to finally tell you about it.  Someday.  In the future.  Mwah ha ha ha.  It’ll be worth it, lovely readers!

Live Bravely
Love Strongly



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