I Need to Write

I recently took some time off from writing.  It started as a little break, which is typical of me between books.  Then there was a week long physical labor kind of project I had to take care of.  Then I had another project randomly tossed upon me at the last minute.

Which all means that I haven’t written much in 2-3 weeks.

Yesterday I cracked under that pressure.  You see, it’s not good for me when I’m not writing.  And so I turned into the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad version of me.


Don’t worry, I find apologizing far too easy.  So I apologized to my husband, who was home for a holiday.  And I apologized to my children, even though they deserved some of it.  (Who in the world starts a fight at 8 in the morning?  That should be outlawed!  Everybody knows that if you are going to be a pain in the rear, then you should at least have the decency to wait until the world has had some coffee.)

And as the day wore on, I thought about the real problem.  I have spent the entire summer working hard, trying to be my husband’s and children’s support while life was happening.  I don’t regret any of it, it’s just that…I’m always the rock for other people.  It’s what rocks do.  We work hard and fight hard and love hard and (yes, we rest hard when the time comes, too.)  But I haven’t made the time to write hard.

I have backed off for many reasons, some stupid, some valid.  Now I’m at the point where the excuses (and even the reasons) need to stop.

I must write.

So today it’s back to the routine my children and I have built so we can function as the crazy book writing, homeschooling family we are.  Today we study weather.  Today I write more on my mystery book.  Today we love each other no matter what.  Because when you are in a family, and when you are loved, you can have a crazy half day and your team will see you through it and love you anyway.

Have an awesome week!

Live Bravely
Love Strongly-Aems


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