Endeavor Series January Birthdays

Birthdays are awesome.  This year I’m doing something new on my site.  I want to say Happy Birthday once to month to the characters who make this series rock.  You know, I have joked a lot about my interaction with my cast members, so this is a natural step for me.  And while I am singing quite badly and off key to my characters, I’d like to add a Happy Birthday to all of my readers born this month.  Who do you share a birthday with?  Let’s find out!


January Birthdays

Lucinda (AT)
Alcott (PI)
Leander (PI)
Lodestar (PI)
Lodestar’s twin
Dobson (MT)

I bet you noticed that I included Lodestar’s twin, even though she was a mere mention in Phoenix Incandescent.  That’s because you are about to meet her in Fervent Desolation.  Yay for spoilers!  I believe that she’s the only new(ish) character from book 5 that I put in my birthday list.  She slid in because of the mention in PI, and because I’m not perfect.  I’ll expand the birthday list next year with FD, and go back over all of the books to perhaps expand my collection to some of the other smaller or unnamed characters.

Giving my characters birthdays was fun and odd because I’m such a method writer.  My characters just are.  They tell me things on a need to know basis, which makes writing their story a totally surprising adventure!  So, no, I did not know most of their birthdays before the list.

I’m also glad that I made this list because it reminded me that I’m behind on last names, too.  Insert a I-really-want-to-tell-you-something-but-I-cant face here.  There’s something coming in FD related to names, and there’s another tidbit that I really-super-duper want to divulge about a couple of characters, but it’s not necessary right now.  I’ll keep it in my cool-stuff-to-talk-about-after-the-series-is-finally-written folder.  Because I have issues.  Just kidding.  I’m a writer.

I hope you all have a great January, and if it’s your birthday month, Happy Birthday!  If it’s not, Happy Unbirthday!  (yes, I’m a hob like that, too!)

Live Bravely
Love Strongly
Have a Happy Birthday


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