Winguard Family Tree

The Winguards are an interesting family.  What were once rather flat, kinda cheesy characters, have really grown.  (Although, Beau still may be a bit cheesy.  Considering he’s a spy for the kingdom, I vote we allow for the occasional cheesy behavior around Charlotte.  Goofballs are endearing in their way.)

While they may have been flat, personality wise, in my original version of PI (For any new readers, I rewrote it when I was about half way through Malignant Transfiguration.  I was growing as a writer, and I wanted the first book of my series to be stronger.), they were actually the first magani I developed.  The coolness of that is partially why it took me awhile to calm down and shape them into better characters.

The Winguards have grown, and so has their story.  The little stinkers had secrets, and slowly we have learned them.  Today I want to present my very plain looking family tree for the Winguards, and let you know that someday I am going to write a side book with more stuff.  Legends from the bird community.  Untold or expanded stories from the Winguards, and from other birds.  The bird creation story.  I would like to start this project sometime this year, but you know how life gets.  I shoot high, and it takes me a long time to get there.

Here it is, including two new names and excluding one name.  Because I got distracted and forgot to name him.  My bad, winged dude.  Oops, I mean, unwinged dude.  How could I forget that?  It was the whole problem in the first place with you and Violet!  Well, someday I will name unnamed dude and you will get a bit of his and Violet’s story.


And now I will tell you a little secret I’ve been keeping about Beau (who was the first of his family to be created).  He evolved from an earlier form.  He was….a butterfly man.

No joke.  Yeah, sexy.

Honestly, if you are worth your salt as a writer, you could rock a butterfly man.  But I was just a new thang back then, and I could not make a butterfly man rock, let alone fly.  I’m not sure I could do it now.  So I tied in my love for my country and eventually created the Bronze Eagles. From there I created the magical society of birds in the United States.

Isn’t writing the coolest job ever?

I hope this was a fun insight into the world of my books, and not just me fangirling all over myself.  Until next time.

Battle Bravely
Love Strongly
Fly Passionately


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