meet Bliss

Bliss Winguard.  
Daughter of Wilder and Wynn.  Little Sister of Beau.  Friend of Charlotte.
Princess of a Kingdom.  Wearer of the Curves.  Woman of Confidence.
Character of Mine.

Truth be told, Bliss is still something of a mystery of me.  She was a minor character in Phoenix Incandescent.  I loved the way she handled Beau and Charlotte, and really life in general.  She’s a fighter and person of vision.

The scenes and interactions I thought she should share with Charlotte did not happen.  Bliss is one of my cast members who had something to say and stole the spotlight to do it.  She fashioned her own entrances and exits, and told her story the way she wanted to in between.

Toward the end of Malignant Transfiguration, we are introduced to a darker side of Bliss, and that continues in Apex Transcendence.  You know, in AI, there are actually two (at least) Apexes going on.  Charlotte’s and Bliss’s.  Charlotte, whether she is ready or not, has to embrace the side of her she is frightened of.  Bliss, by her own design, embraces her destiny.


One of my favorite traits of Bliss is her confidence.  She is a Bronze Eagle, the royal line of magical birds in my books.  Bronze Eagles are built bigger, have larger wings, and have more generous curves in the women.  Bliss, unlike a lot of her direct relations, not only accepts her role in the bird society, but looks forward to it.  But I think she also goes deeper.  Bliss sees the position of King/Queen as a way to influence and change things up.

Here’s to Bliss.   She is who she is, and she does not care if you like her character or not.  She is a shooting star in a family of steady stars.  An ambitious female in a line of males who were content with settling.  A loud instrument in an unbalanced band.

Battle Bravely
Love Strongly
Fly Truly



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