Do You Know? The Story of David and Vincent

I love my characters.  I love the many character combinations/interactions that come from such a large cast.  Isaac and Audrey.  Audrey and Ebby.  Ebby and her mysterious past lover.  Isaac and Josef.  Josef and Basil.  Josef and each of his kids.  Chime and Charlotte.  Charlotte and Beau.  Charlotte and Phoebe.  Charlotte and Lodestar.  (Okay, okay, Charlotte and everybody.)  David and Isaac.  David and the rest of the magical community.  Alcott and Barnabas.  Alcott and Lilybet.  Lilybet and Kaitlind.  Phoebe and anybody other than Phoebe.  There are more to list, but I should stop or I’ll be here all day.

Now, I guess the question that tends to come up at crazy times like this is, “Do you have favorites?”  Well….yes and no.  I don’t like favorites in life.  Never have.  But each combination of characters affects me in different ways and to different degrees.  This year I’d like to branch out from my meet the character posts and write a few about some of my pairs, starting with David and Vincent.




Now, to do this without letting any big spoilers slip…

We meet David and Vincent formally in book 2.  They were characters who were not supposed to be in the series.  They just showed up and I couldn’t turn them away.

We get our info about David and Vincent from both their behavior in the storyline, and from the tidbits at the beginning of each chapter of my books.

So David is the firstborn of Isaac Locklear, right?  Isaac had this fling with a manipulative, flighty girl named Florrie back in the day when he was a young thang, and she left him with an infant son.  Isaac is devastated, and in his youth and grief, leaves his tiny son in the care of his younger sister, Susan.

Susan loves on that baby, and brings him up in her cabin surrounded by love and dirt and adventure.

Fast forward several years.  Isaac realizes that David is past due for an apprenticeship, and as the “first” weaver, it’s Isaac’s job to train the boy.  Cue the apprenticeship between father and son.  I think it was a good thing, and I believe that they learned to love each other in the process.  But we know that Isaac and David never completely click as father and son.

The thing with parenting is that you can’t go back and be there.  Some damage is lasting, and we see this in David.  David takes on his own apprentice, and keeps taking apprentices long after others have moved on.  He eventually becomes the go to master for apprenticeships, and has the record for the most apprentices.

David ends up rocking the whole master thing.

Fast forward hundreds of years.

We know that David takes on an apprentice, and we know something happened.  We know David had to do something that ended up being very bad for both him and the boy.  We know he was devastated for years, and pledged that the next kid he encountered that needed extra help would have a different outcome.

Yes, we are talking about the thing that looms over Charlotte.  A memory wipe.

So along comes Vincent, and we know from tidbits that he was the next kid, and that he had the same or similar problems as the boy before.  David dives in and never gives up.  And I guess that’s part of the reason I love David and Vincent.  They do not give up on each other.  Ever.  Yes, they fight, and as adults, they throw punches.  But no matter what, they are always there for each other.

In Apex Transcendence, the guys are fighting.  Like Weaver’s Duel fighting.  Transfiguring into dragons fighting.  In Opalescent Immersion, they come back together, but the whole memory wipe thing continues to test them.  David has told Vincent about the memory wipe, but he won’t restore him until after Vincent’s current apprentice is gone.  That’s the plan, anyway, but we all know that life doesn’t follow the plans we make.

One of the things I love about David is that he’s got this sweet side, and he’s not afraid to show it.  (He’s also got a scary listen to me or else because I am your master side, but that just makes him more awesome.)  Here’s a bit from Apex T for example:

“I really did do what I thought was best, V.” He whispered. “You were hurting, and you were just a little kid.”
Vincent gripped David’s shoulder. “I’ll get the tea. We can talk more later.”
“Don’t leave if you don’t know.” David called out.
Vincent rolled his eyes. “Lay off. I know.”

David doesn’t  want Vincent to leave without knowing he is loved, even when they are fighting, and that’s just…it’s gorgeous.  David knows love, and he knows lack of love, and I think that makes him such a great character.  He knows that love will die if it’s not tended, and that’s why he’s in Charlotte’s face and Vincent’s face, and later in Beau’s face.  If he loves it, you are going to know it down to the tips of your toenails.

Now, one more scene stolen from my books (A tidbit from MT) before I go:

Isaac held the sleeping child in his arms. “I see what you mean.”
He ruffled the small boy’s hair and kissed his head.
“He has seen far too much darkness for such a small child.”
“What do I do?” David asked.
“His behavior is horrible, and it frightens me to come down hard on him.”
“You will have to be his father. His family.” Isaac said.
“Give him new memories to build on.” He rocked the boy back and forth.
“Love him and scold him and discipline him and always be there for him.”
David sighed. “Papa, I’m frightened.”
Isaac chuckled. “Then you are already his father, my son.”

Now I leave before I cry.

Live Bravely
Love Strongly
Never Give Up



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