Hugo and Amadahy, Part 8

Sorry for missing this yesterday!  The truth is that I have days that I feel absolutely worthless as a writer.  The best way to get through those days is to push myself by doing something I’m afraid of or something new.  I wish I had the confidence other people have, but I just don’t.  So I will continue to put myself out there regardless.  You know, in all honesty, if I were to ever write a book about writing, it would be called, Nobody Wants to Read Your Damn Book (and other things I’ve learned).  Also, if I had written a post yesterday, it would have been called That Awkward Moment When You’ve Written 6 Books That Nobody Wants To Read.

Now, please don’t take any of that as a cry for help or a need for a pat on the shoulder.  I’m actually having a good laugh right now.  It’s just how it is on some days.  And I was lucky yesterday that I had a couple of things happen later in the day that gave me a boost.  I am very fortunate to have readers who believe in me!  Anyway, isn’t this supposed to be about Hugo and Amadahy?  Let’s get with it!  I want to know what happened next!


Hugo had yet to give up his hold on her hand.  The wind scratched across her soaked skin.  They darted through the trees to their home, where Hugo stopped and looked at her.  Their magics swirled together around their connected hands.

“I will have you, you thick headed beast.”  She said aloud in her language.  “If only we could talk.”

He replied something in his language.

The wind continued to whip around them, but neither of them noticed.  Their magics danced above their hands.  They rolled into a ball, separated into two bits of joined magic, and then flowed back into their hands.

Hugo and Amadahy fell apart from each other.  Amadahy panted through the odd emotions that spread through her mind.  She brushed a tear away from her eye and stood.

“What was that?”  Hugo asked.

Amadahy looked up at him.  “What is this?”

Suddenly, a loud noise ripped through the air.  Amadahy pulled Hugo into their house and they both shoved the door closed.  Hugo put up his usual spells.  The house rattled as the wind rushed harder at the walls.

“Do you know what storm this is?”  Hugo asked.

“No.”  She responded.

He put his hand out in between them.  “My spells aren’t going to do.  Can I have your strength, or do you want to add your own spells?”

Amadahy lay her hand in his.  The spells shone brighter.  The wind still shoved all around them, but the house was quieter.

“Let’s go to bed.”  Hugo whispered.

They lay there as the wind howled and the rain rushed and a sound neither of them knew roared outside.  They didn’t speak.  They just held each other until the storm finally passed.

“I think the worst of it is over.”  Hugo pulled the top of the blanket down a little.

“Yes.” Amadahy turned in his arms to face him.

“You were mad at me earlier.”

“You are in love with another woman.”  Now, at least, she knew.

“I do care for you.”  Hugo said carefully.

“But not as a man should care for his wife.”  She pushed the covers away and begin to sit up.

Hugo pulled her back into his arms and covered them again.  “No, I do not love you in that way.” He said honestly, but gently.  “Not yet.”

She pushed at him, and again she wondered what had come over her.

He kissed her, on the lips this time.

“No!”  She cried out, and shoved away.  “You do not touch me unless you mean it.  You do not kiss me unless you love me, and only if I am the only woman in your heart.”  He sat up, but she got out of bed.  “Get up.  I have laundry to do, and you better see what damage has been done outside.”

“Ama.”  He said, and his tone rattled her heart.

“I know.”  She did.  She could feel everything he felt, and she guessed that it went both ways.

“I’ll be back soon.”

She watched him as he trudged back to the clearing.  When he was out of sight, she yanked the sheets off of the silly, foreign bed he insisted on sleeping in, and threw them against the wall.


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