Hugo and Amadahy, Part 9

I’m late!  Okay, last bit of Hugo and Amadahy for a bit.  

But first, I realized that I’m behind on updates.  I feel like I’ve over posted you all this week (I meant well!), so I’ll try to make this fast!

Phoenix Incandescent is on Wattpad.  I’m putting it there (I have 8 chapters left to post…will do this weekend) because 1) I really need reviews, 2)  I have been working the last few months to get it out there in as many forms as possible,  3) I’m looking for readers and 4) I believe in the power of free books.  Listen, I’m a library gal, so I get it.  I do buy books, but I can only afford the castaways right now at discount stores (which I have no problem with, as all books deserve a good home)

I have also put Clawthorn on Wattpad.  I only have 5 chapters written, so that’s all that’s up right now.  I don’t know if this is going to hurt or help me as I write it.  I’m doing it because I’ve never written a book in a serialized format before, and believe in challenging yourself, even if you end of failing.  (You don’t fail if you learn, right?)  

Anyway, Opalescent Immersion will be out on March 8th!  Yay for mermaids!  There’s a giveaway for 3 signed copies on Goodreads right now, and I’ll probably sneak in another giveaway of my own!

I’ve talked too much.  Thanks for putting up with me.  Here’s Hugo and Amadahy!  



Their home, thankfully, was untouched by the storm.  Hugo knew that if it hadn’t been for Amdahl’s added strength, there might have been some damage, or he might have lost his nerve during the loudest part.  Everything that they had left outside was gone.  He raised his hand and called each tool or object back to him.  They came slowly.  His magic was a bit weak.

He trudged through the trees, taking his frustration out on the ground below him.  He looked down at his hand.  Their magics were still combined, and he could feel her every emotion.  She was furious with him.  He didn’t blame her, but he was still a little mad at her for being mad at him.  He couldn’t help the mess they were in any more than she could!

He glanced around the forest.  Trees were torn in pieces, or thrown about the forest.  In the place the spiraling storm had touched the earth, the grass had been ripped up.  Even the dirt looked shredded.  Bodies of animals lay scattered, sometimes under fallen trees, and sometimes in the middle of open area.

The sky was still grey, and a bit of rain dribbled down.  It was a peaceful kind of mess.  He picked up his pace until he reached the area where he was collecting trees and other materials for the castle he would build.  He scowled at the mess.  Didn’t she see how hard he was working for them, even when he didn’t feel like it?

He undid his suspenders and sat on the end of a fallen tree.  She wanted love.  His love was still taken.  He sighed and put his head in his hands.  How stupid he had been to think that this woman wasn’t demanding or irrational like the others!

Even the one he had left had had her moments, and now he had to admit that he knew nothing of what their life would have been had they married.  What he had thought of marriage and how it actually played out were two different scenarios.

When he was cold enough, and he anger had diminished, he sat up and headed for home.  The smell of soup greeted him as he got closer.  Inside, their makeshift cabin was warm and bright. Amadahy sat on the floor, sewing something or another.  He thought it might be clothing.

“I’ve already eaten.”  She stood and put her sewing aside.

“It smells good.”  He shrugged off his filthy shoes.

“Give me your shoes and clothes.”  She ordered softly.  “I’ll take care of them while you eat.”

He undid his shirt slowly as he thought.  The woman wanted him, and she was a loyal little thing.  But it would take more time for his heart to completely heal, and he didn’t think things were going to get better between the two of them in that time.  Right now they needed action, and a commitment to their relationship.  He tossed his shirt on his shoes and shook his head no at her when she stepped forward.

She wrinkled her nose at him and crossed her arms.

He stepped forward and laid his hands on her little hips.  “Get undressed and get in bed.”  He said.  “Supper and cleaning will wait.  This cannot.”

She stared at him for a moment, and in her eyes he saw a flash of anger.

“If you don’t get undressed and in bed, I’ll do it for you.”  He pointed out.

She continued to stare at him.  Her lips pressed together tighter and her eyes flashed again.

“Very well.”  He said as he closed the distance between them.  She didn’t fuss at him when he kissed her this time.  And as his hands tugged at her clothes, her own hands pulled at his.


Aaaaaand….now we leave them with some privacy.  Until next time!  

Battle Bravely,
Love Strongly,



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