The Middle Books Ain’t No Whiners

I’m about to release Opalescent Immersion on March 8th, and I’d like to take a few moments to spoil the middle books for you just a teeny tiny humungous amount.  Here’s the basic outline:

4th:  Opalescent Immersion (mermaids)
5th:  Fervent Desolation  (centaurs)
6th:  No Name (I just haven’t thought of it yet) and the creatures I will highlight are *holds hand over mouth*   (I so want to spill, but it’s not time for that yet!)

My middle books ain’t no whiners.  They have some awesome adventures to share with you, new characters to introduce (as well as getting to know some old characters a little better), and are going to go places even I never dreamed they would go!

Are you ready for the secret I told you I’d spill?  Here it is:

No, seriously!

Okay, deep breath.  I can do this.

I hope you join me for the middle books!  It’s going to just keep getting better.

One of the things that drives me is getting to the later books.  I can’t wait until the thing that happens that I’ve been threatening since book 1.  Or the really super sad thing that I planned for one character with the aid of another character.  Or the thing that actually sometimes makes me feel a little bit guilty.  Or giggly.  Sometimes it’s a blurry line.  And just wait until….  *holds hand over mouth again and screams*

I better go!

Hope you have a great weekend!  Thanks for everything!

Battle Bravely
Love Strongly



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