Endeavor Series March Birthdays

It’s that time of the month!  The hobs have cooked us something scrumptious, the dining hall is lit with magical candles, the band is warmed up, there’s a story teller in the corner spinning yarns, and I can’t wait for the cake!

Cake.  Scrumptious cake.  Glorious cake.  Frosting.  Cake.  Frosting.  Cake.  I like cake.  Have I mentioned that on here before?

Wait a second, I got distracted…

That’s right!  It’s time for our celebration of March birthdays!  You ready to hear me sing?  Too bad!

Happy Birthday to You!  Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to my characters who were born in March.
(And my readers born in March.)
(And random citizens born in March.)
Happy Birthday to you!


Here they are!  Endeavor Series characters born in March!

(I had one here, but then I realized that my timeline might have an error, and so she may have been February.  Sorry!  I’ll figure it out and she’ll be in one of the two months next year.)

Wow, that’s a short list.  In fact, let me double check…

Yep, March is the month with the least amount of birthdays.

But it doesn’t matter!  We are going to celebrate anyway!  (Plus, because I’m ornery, I may or may not be concealing a few birthdays.)  Spoilers, my friends.  Spoilers.

If it’s your birthday this month, I hope you have a grand one!

Now party on!

See ya’ll in April for our monthly celebration!  And here are the birthdays for January and February if you need them.  Haven’t read my books so you don’t care?  Then read them!  ;o)

Battle Bravely
Love Strongly
Party On!


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