*takes out tiny violin*. I’m without a laptop right now.  My power cord decided, after months of being taped up in awkward places, that it would give out.  It isn’t the hugest deal in the world.  The power cord and I have been on again off again for a few years.  I think this is my 3rd power cord for this several year old laptop.  So I have back up plans like paper and pencil or sticks and dirt.  *plays violin achingly slowly*

Ha!  *puts down violin*

Okay, so I’m working on other things right now while I can’t write and am not able to create things on the computer.  I started a short, scary story, The Fence.  I’ve been making new art and trying new things.  I’ve been planning out this secret passage of a year that I thought up a couple of months ago.  Today I named books.


The Endeavor Series currently has five books named:  Phoenix Incandescent, Malignant Transfiguration, Apex Transcendence, Opalesent Immersion, and the one I’m writing now, Fervent Desolation.  

I like naming them slowly, but yesterday I entertained the bored idea to name books 6-9.  Book 10 is already named, so I went ahead and added book 11 and 12.  And I thought of a possible 13th…

I think I need help.  I keep trying, people, to not write the Endeavor Series.  To tell myself that I’m wasting my time.  To convince myself that if I wrote a different book, then I might be able to get it traditionally published.  But I keep coming back, no matter what.  It’s not like the other books don’t want to be written.  It’s just that passion is a bit of a wild horse.  If you get lucky enough to get a ride, then it’s best to just hang on.  Or course, what’s really best is to realize that you are the horse and not the rider, but that’s a topic for another day.  

So I’m sitting alone in Squeeland with my titles.  Titles that I can’t let slip for almost or about a year (I reserve the right to change my mind) for one, and a couple to several years for the others.  Boo.  Boo on me.  “Write a big series.” I said.  “It’ll be fun!”  I said.  It’s a whole bunch of sitting around surrounded by fun and ideas and imaginary friends and goals and…Wait a second!  It is fun!

Oh, lightbulb!  I need to leave.  I don’t know when I’ll settle down and write more about this year long quest, but I will.  And maybe someday I’ll have company on it!  For now, I just want to say that I am busy behind the scenes this year.  I’m not after a ring or a princess or the saving of a kingdom, but the quest is still vital.  And for my Endeavor people, *squee*  I cannot wait to tell you the stuff about the stuff that will happen with the other stuff!   

Have an awesome weekend!

Battle Bravely, Live Bravely, Love Bravely, Write Bravely. -AEM


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