Between the Stacks

I love the library.  Our love was instant and ongoing, like a lightening bolt that struck a tree in an everlasting forest.  It’ll never stop burning.

I haven’t had much quality time with the library the past several years.  When I go these days, I’m always in the kid section.  The kids pick out books.  I pick out homeschooling books.  It’s still a special day, but it’s just not the same.

My kids, the little techies they are, have learned early in life to use the computer to find books.  They like to go exactly to the place where the exact book they want is, and grab it.  Which is awesome and great and yay for them.

It’s just not how I like to do it.

I like to wander through the library, looking at all the titles.  “Hello?”  I call out in my head.  “Is it me you’re looking for?”

Sometimes I stop for a subject matter.

Sometimes I have an idea of what I want.

Sometimes I want a book to take me by the hand and surprise me.

I’ve missed going to the library by myself and wandering around.  So the other night I got all dressed up (Of course I dress for my love) and headed over when the sky was cool and dimming and the air smelled like promise.

I had never been to the adult section of that library, and so my advances were awkward and clunky.  Libraries are a lot like the Doctor.  They are all the same Library, but you have to get to know each one anyway.

I completely lose time in the library.  I could be there for seconds or hours or years and it would feel the same.  The only reason I haven’t gotten lost in there is because I am saved by the weight of books in my arms and against my chest.  At some point, I realize that I need to check out, return home, and dive into the treasure I have found.

I’ll be honest.  It’s not always treasure when I get home.  Sometimes I have a piece of gold mixed in with some seaweed and sludge and rocks.  Other times I get lucky with an arm full of jewels.  This week was half and half, so I took one half back to the library to get another armful  of possibility.  I took my kids that time, and introduced them to the rest of the library.

I know I can’t force magic on my kids, but I do hope that they will have their own love for libraries.  For now, we have piles and piles of books all over the house.  Books in bed.  Books in stacks on the floor.  Books tucked in odd places to save for later.  Books are one of the things I don’t mind being all over the place.

I am that girl, the girl between the stacks.  When I’m old, you’ll find me in the library, meandering through the stacks, picking up random books and sniffing them.  I’ll be that girl, as long as I live.


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