I Love Flat Characters and I Will Not Lie

I have said this before time and time again.  I.  LOVE.  Flat.  Characters.  *swoons*    Yes, my husband belongs to HABB  (Husbands Against Book Boyfriends).  Or maybe he belongs to HFBB (Husbands For Book Boyfriends).  I mean, I can swoon all I want over a book, but it’s his bed I sleep in, right?  A little romance between the pages can lead to a lot of romance between the sheets.

Wait, maybe I shouldn’t post while on cough medicine.  *coughgigglesnortcough*  When will I learn?

Flat characters tend to fall on that list of naughty things that a writer is supposed to stay away from.  You know the list.  Adverbs.  Flat Characters.  Cliches.  It’s my personal opinion that a good, seasoned writer should be able to handle things on the naughty list.  An adverb, my dear, is not going to kill you.  There is a reason that flat characters work.  Cliches are not going away, folks.  In fact, not using cliches (and everything on those types of lists) has just become so….cliche.

Back to flat characters.  *fans face*  While I do appreciate characters who evolve, there are times that I want to curl up with a character who is not going to change on me.  Sometimes, on a Monday night, I just want to stumble upon a castle in Scotland and fall into the muscled arms of an accented, kilted man who’s in need of a lady to warm his bed.

Who said Monday posts can’t be fun?  

Wait, maybe I shouldn’t be writing this post.  Okay, haters of flat characters.  Nothing to see here.  Hate on.  *steps forward*  I volunteer to enjoy the characters you don’t.  Just me.  That’s right.  These characters are mine.  So, show’s over.  You can leave.

Like I said, sometimes I want a character who either 1) doesn’t change, or 2)  only changes a bit.  I don’t want to wake up one morning to find that the kilt is in the bottom of the burn barrel and britches have been donned.  Just don’t.

And while I do like strong female characters who slay dragons, there’s room in this world for rescuing.  I like a good rescuing.

But, seriously, ya’ll.  Books are magical.  And while I think that some writers will always chase after the elusive Fountain of Good Books, the truth is that you can’t force magic.  On the other end of the spectrum, there also isn’t a iron clad formula for writing.

Flat characters have just as much a chance at making it as rounder characters.


They do, dahling.  They really do.

Be brave, writers.  Write all kinds of characters.  Ones that rescue.  Ones that are afraid to rescue.  Ones that need a good rescue.  Don’t be afraid to write a female character who has faults or fears.  Don’t be afraid to write guys who are both strong and weak.  Toss in some good, old, flats.  Find a flat and flesh them out.  Take a round and flatten them a bit.

I sound sick.

That’s okay.  It’s been established that writers are a crazy lot.  But we do have a lot of fun!

So dare to write a flat.  And as always, this is merely my two cents.  If flat characters don’t do it for you, then round away!

Live Bravely,
Love Strongly
Give Some Love For the Flats

P.S.  Anybody want to admit to flat character love?  Which flat character flew away with your heart?  Did you write a flat character that you absolutely love?


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