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I was invited to participate in a blog hop.  (Thank you!)  This week’s question was:  “What language have you always wanted to learn?  Do you think you will try?”

I’ve always been fascinated by languages.  I learned Spanish in high school, and it’s the closest I’ve come to being bilingual.  I took three years of it, and was able to read Don Quixote at the end of the that time period.  The only thing I was lacking was immersing myself in it.  Someday, I think it would be great to pick it back up and finish.

I picked up ASL in college enough to communicate some with it, and again, it would be great to study it more.

I would love to learn French, and am trying to pick some up with my kids since I homeschool them.  I do hope to learn more, and I hope that my children pick up on why it’s important to know more than one language and yearn to do the same.  

So yes, I think I’ll give another language (or two) a go when the kids are older.  Or maybe my husband and I should pick up one now so we can talk again without the kids knowing what we are saying!  Parent club!

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