Bare Feet and Messy Hair


This week’s topic:  Let’s talk wardrobe. Do you gravitate to one color? What is your go to style? What shoes do you prefer?

Unless I have to, I don’t wear shoes.  No, seriously.  If there’s snow on the ground and I need to take the trash out, then I go barefoot.  I mostly do sandals if I go out to run errands.  If it’s actually cold, then I’ll put on some cute boots that I’ve had for years.  I adore them because they fit my fat calves.  I have started to be more careful about workout shoes, mainly because I tear through them and I have problems finding ones that don’t rip up the back of my foot.  So I’m still looking for that magic pair.


I made a hopscotch for my kids a few summers ago.

My style is primarily comfortable.  I wear workout clothes a lot because I work out nearly every day.  If I’m not wearing that, then it’s jeans and a solid, dark color of some sort.  I toss my crazy curls in a bun a lot of the time.


I know, I’m terribly boring.  Occasionally I’ll dress up a bit.  Part of the reason I’ve never gotten into fashion is because I have big boobs.  They just don’t make clothes that are decent for larger women, especially considering that I shop at cheaper places.

Here’s a recent example of an outfit:


When your ancestry is Native American and white European and you are proud of both.


When you are up late painting, and up early for church.  So, yes, we are heathens, but we do enjoy church.  (And we don’t judge the people at church who aren’t heathens.  Jesus loves them, too.)

Okay, so that is one thing about me.  I have paint on a lot of my clothes.  And me.


Also, I find stuff I like, and just wear those.  It’s not about style.  It’s a relationship, ya’ll.


P.S.  Sometimes I’m a pirate.  

Battle Bravely,
Love Strongly,


12 thoughts on “Bare Feet and Messy Hair

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    1. Yes! Broad shoulders are a pain. Sometimes I go through the men’s section. Once I found a really nice pair of jogging pants that weren’t in the women’s section.


  1. I live in Alaska and I go barefoot indoors a lot, and I wear Uggs when I go outside. Unfortunately, my employers require that I dress up (nice jeans or slacks) and wear shoes at work. I’m small and finding comfortable clothes that aren’t wearing me instead of me wearing them is my challenge.

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    1. Thanks! You know, I’ve never reblogged, and you are possibly the first to reblog me. I wasn’t sure how all that worked, and I get a little weary the first time (or few times) I’m doing something.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My blog is hooked to my Facebook and Twitter and some other social media. So if I reblog you, you get some boost on those too. It’s also just easier for me. Fewer buttons to push.


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