AEM Straight

June 29, 2020

Do you write under a pseudonym? If so, why? If not, would you ever consider it?

I don’t write under a pseudonym, but I don’t write under my legal name, either. I use my initials as a nickname, and write under that. Some may consider that a pseudonym, but I don’t. I’m not hiding who I am. I just decided that of all the times in my life people have called me something, or refused to call me something, that for once I was going to take control of who I was. So I chose Aem, which is a nick of Amy anyway, and owned it.

At this point, I wouldn’t ever consider using a pseudonym. But you know how that goes. I’ve said many things in life before I fully understood what I was talking about, and had to eat my words later, even if it was only in my head. And I’m actually really proud of myself for sticking to AEM even if it doesn’t fit neatly into a box that other people might not want me to be in.

Besides, I don’t think it really matters what name a writer uses. It’s the stories that count. Speaking of stories, I have to admit something in another post. For now, I’m going to go check out what the other authors have to say about names. And this week I’m going to actually link up to OpenBook. I’m trying. And yes, there is a try. Stuff it, Yoda.

Live Bravely,
Love Strongly,



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  1. I don’t think it matters what you call yourself if you’re using a pen name — or sort of pen name. My husband’s last name is hard to spell. Not really, but it’s hard for people who aren’t us to spell for some reason. So, I was either going to change the spelling or choose something else and then he said “Could you get famous doing this?” That’s sort of the idea — sort of. And then his uncle Ben said “Don’t do it. Anonymity is a priceless thing.” Yeah, I’m not shutting down every plane in the country on 911, but still ….

    I won’t change my name and I won’t be telling anyone what my real name is, but mainly for me it’s to keep the weirdos off the front porch. If some reach out to me via email and wants to meet (and I’ve had a few do that locally), I’m great with that. I just want the weirdos who figure out the way to my porch to be reasonably intelligent and if they can figure out the pen name, they probably will be that.

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