Drop Your Pants

November 2, 2020

Is humor an important element is your stories? Do you ever laugh at something you’ve written?

Of course! My Endeavor Series covers a lot of hard topics. It was my design to write a set of fantasy books that centered around the female experience, because seriously, Tolkien and co. are lacking in that department. So it’s a vital part of my books to balance miscarriages and depression and suicide and all those other hard bits of being human with the good parts of being human, which is why I have a couple fauns banging against a tree. I know. Tolkien just rolled in his grave. But he can bite me, because I’m a Christian, too. And yes, I get the giggles from my own writing just like I get angry or sad from it, too. Anyway, here’s a funny from Opalescent Immersion, book 4 of my series.


“I am yours,”  she wet the washcloth and wrung it out,  “start acting like it.”

“I am.”  He grinned and leaned against the counter.  

She washed his face and inspected his chest and back, fussing over each wound while she scolded him for his side of the fight.  

“How did he hurt you, Lottie?”

Charlotte turned back to the sink to refresh the washcloth.  “So that’s part of today?”

“Yeah.”  He offered her a boyish grin of repentance.

“How long have you suspected?”  She started on his hands.

“Did you think I wouldn’t figure it out?”

“Of course not.”  They were quiet as she finished his arms.  She rinsed out the washcloth and placed it near the edge of the counter.  “Take off your pants.”

Beau winked.  “You haven’t answered me.”

  Charlotte showed him the scar on her arm.  “But it wasn’t completely his fault.”

“I don’t doubt that,”  he laughed.  “Where was I during all of this mayhem?”

“Here and there,”  she shrugged.

“Dear Lottie, we used to be honest with each other.”

“Dear Beau, you kept an entire kingdom from me,”  she snapped.  “You don’t get to call honesty when you kept an eagle’s share of secrets from me.”  She looked him directly in the eyes.  “We were young and both explosive, Beau.  He doesn’t even remember, and David won’t restore his memories until after the apprenticeship.”  She caught his chin between her hands.  “So if you are going to take it out on somebody, it better be me.  Understand?”

He put his arms around her.  “Did you care for him?”

“You know the answer to that.”

“Do you care for him now?”

She laughed.  “How could I not?  Don’t you still care for the Bliss you once knew?  I do.”  She stepped out of his embrace.  “Don’t you know me at all?”

“Is that the game we’ll play today?”  He grinned.

“Is it?”  She raised an eyebrow.  “Take a shower, husband.  You reek of insecure testosterone.”  

Beau laughed, and the sound of it sent a smile to her lips.  

“I can’t stay mad at you.”  She reached for a clean towel.

“I know you can’t.  That’s one of the many reasons I love you.”  He turned on the shower.  “I’m going to finish cleaning up.  Will you help me with my wings after you check on Vincent?”

She dropped the towel.

“See, I know you,”  Beau said softly.  “I know you need to check on your friend before you can relax completely with me.  Go.”

“I know you know me.”  Charlotte kicked the towel closer to the shower.  “But I also don’t want to leave you right now.  I had my time with him yesterday.”


She kissed him hard.  “Fine, I’ll go check on my master, but afterwards I want to play with my husband.”

Beau’s eyes lit up.  “I like it when you talk dirty to me.” 

“Get rid of the pants,”  she giggled and hurried out of the bathroom.  His pants hit the door a split second after she shut it behind her and his laughter echoed off of the shower tiles. 


That scene happened right after a serious chapter, so it was a great way to resolve the conflict for the moment. Of course, many serious books go on without humor, or the humor is more serious. That’s why there are lots of different types of authors. As readers, we can select what fits our mood or temperament. To find out how the other authors use (or not) humor in their stories, click below!

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  1. I think that’s when humor works best – right after serious topics. Christopher Titus is my favorite comedian (besides my husband) and he was a reputation for telling some pretty heartbreaking stories and then flipping up its skirt to show the funny. He says he’s learned audiences will laugh longer and harder just because they need to relieve the tension and he hopes they carry that into their own lives. Laugh at the dark because it lights a candle against the encroaching shadows.

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