Hugo and Amadahy

This is part 11 of Hugo and Amadahy's story.  For parts 1-10, please see my Endeavor Side Stories.  For those of you who are new, these are first drafty stories.  I will most likely flesh them out later on, but for now it's just for fun.  Plus, sometimes they give me inspiration for the books... Continue Reading →

Endeavor Series June Birthdays

Happy Birthday June Babies, whether you are a character in my series, or a real person. (Note:  My characters are real people.  Totally.)  I think it's time for a summer celebration of food, music, sun, and I think it's time for a water balloon fight fest! It's time to blow out the candles.  Calling all... Continue Reading →

Why I Publicly Share Personal Stories

I thought it was a good time to share the why behind my choice to share bits of stories from my personal life. When you have or are trying to have a public presence online, there are two options for how to handle things. 1)  Have a clean, professional, solid presence.  Say nothing too personal.... Continue Reading →

Depression and Writing: Gain from Pain

Last week I shared on Facebook that I have struggled with PPD.  I didn't go into it much because I'm not really ready to share that bit of my life.  This morning I realized that there was a part of it I would like to share right now. I remember the days that I felt... Continue Reading →

Endeavor Series May Birthdays

It's that time again!  Happy Birthday to everyone born in May!  How shall we celebrate this month?  Chocolate covered chocolate?  Is it too early for a swim party?  However we do it, let's have a fun party for all. Here's who we are celebrating this month: May Kaitlind Lennox Laila Stella Jacey Silas Vidia Ethan... Continue Reading →

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