Endeavor Series August Birthdays

Happy Birthday August Babies!  I hope you have a great month.  It's still birthday pool party season, so let's make it a good one.  The cake is ready, and so are the cold drinks. Here are the fictional characters you'll be celebrating with this month! Ready, everybody?  Time to dance! August Absinthe Winguard Carroll Arson... Continue Reading →

My Experience with Daith Piercings and Chronic Migraines: Week 1

 I’m not a doctor, nurse, or cool medical dudette. I’m just me. Please consult actual cool people about this stuff before you do it. Call or go into your local piercing place if you have questions. Last Saturday I joined the fashionable trend of getting a daith ear piercing. It’s a growing trend; in fact,... Continue Reading →

Hugo and Amadahy pt. 12

Previous Installments of Hugo and Amadahy's story can be found here. The snow fell softly at first.  They watched it lightly cover the earth and leaves and the roof of their home as the sun set.  When it fell harder, and the bitter cold had numbed their fingers, they shut the door and warmed themselves... Continue Reading →

Endeavor Series July Birthdays

It is hot, so it's time to party in the evening hours!  String up the lights.  Haul out the fans.  Find the swimsuit, but don't worry about the towel.  We'll dry off as soon as we exit the pool.  I think an ice cream cake is in order, but we better keep that inside until... Continue Reading →

The Overlord

Stories must be told.  Welcome to Chapter 1, Part 1 of The Overlord.  Happy Thursday. THE OVERLORD I should have paid closer attention in my Beginner Kidnapping class when I was finishing my last courses in Criminal Community College, but I had other, more important things on my mind that semester. Like cupcakes.  I’m a... Continue Reading →

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