Hugo and Amadahy Pt. 15

Poor Hugo. The sun filtered down on him between the bare branches that shook in the unrelenting wind. Very few animals were out that morning, but he didn’t notice. The creature he searched for could have walked right up to him and nodded, and he wouldn’t have noticed. His mind was swirling, and he couldn’t... Continue Reading →


Endeavor Series October Birthdays

Is October your birthday month?  Happy Birthday to You!  The banners are up, and candles are lit.  I thought we'd have a warm, home cooked supper for this party.  Now it's time to warm up the band, bring out the cake, and get ready to dance the night away! Ready to find out what Endeavor... Continue Reading →

The Other Side of the Story

So I've been writing Charlotte's story, but I was thinking last weekend that it might be fun to present another type of story.  What about the girl who decides to have her memory wiped?  What if I gave readers a way to experience a more normal day to day view of the world I have... Continue Reading →

Hugo and Amadahy pt 14

Parts 1-13   I meant to have two good sized chunks this week that be quick in and outs of the two journeys, but that's not the way the story is working right now.  I swear I'm in charge. Amadahy had meant for the trip to be one of renewal after the child was born. She... Continue Reading →

Hugo and Amadahy pt 13

Check here for parts 1-12.  I'm encouraged by this new section of Hugo and Amadahy's story.  I'll publish 2 more new parts next week. He was half asleep when he first noticed it. The morning rays shone across their bed, and there in a dark spot in the middle was their magic. He squinted and... Continue Reading →

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