Only Human Update

One of the downfalls of writing these first drafts online is that I feel like I'm cheating everybody.  There are a lot of decisions I make inside and between drafts, and I've come to that point with Only Human.  I've mentioned before that my random literature, with the exception of my Endeavor Side Stories, is... Continue Reading →


Castbreaker (pt 5)

(See my Random Literature page for parts 1-4) “I’m only going to say this once. There is a settlement two days away to the west. We can easily claim that we are hunters.” She sorts through a large bag as she speaks. A pair of pants flies in your direction. “I’m not looking.” She tosses... Continue Reading →

Hugo and Amadahy (pt 18)

The cold of the night bit their skin. The sun slanted against the sand. Amadahy stood on her aching legs and stretched the soreness from them. They hid the canoe behind some rocks, as Ramsay feared it might offend the trees. They walked among the trees of arms and elbows as they followed the heartbeat... Continue Reading →

Only Human (Entry 3)

Dear Me, If the amulet didn’t work and you haven’t burned this book, then it’s time for you to remember the story of how our parents met. It’s gag worthy, I assure you. Every three years the UMW (underwater magical world) has an Olympics. Yes, our mother is a silver medal Olympic jumper. It would... Continue Reading →

Castbreaker (pt 4)

It’s cold. The rumbling overhead has moved away enough to leave you with the sound of damp earth, sleeping girl, and insects of the ground. The slimy touch of worm was what woke you initially. The cold was what kept you awake. In prison, you had learned to roll and tuck and think of warmer... Continue Reading →

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