Endeavor Series May Birthdays

It's that time again!  Happy Birthday to everyone born in May!  How shall we celebrate this month?  Chocolate covered chocolate?  Is it too early for a swim party?  However we do it, let's have a fun party for all. Here's who we are celebrating this month: May Kaitlind Lennox Laila Stella Jacey Silas Vidia Ethan... Continue Reading →

Endeavor Series April Birthdays

So we're celebrating a little late, aren't we?  That just means we need to make this a loud, overnight party!  A two day party!  Break out the cake and wine.  Bring on the karoake machine.  Take off your shoes, because you are going to be dancing tonight! Okay, time for the birthday parade! Endeavor Series... Continue Reading →

Endeavor Series March Birthdays

It's that time of the month!  The hobs have cooked us something scrumptious, the dining hall is lit with magical candles, the band is warmed up, there's a story teller in the corner spinning yarns, and I can't wait for the cake! Cake.  Scrumptious cake.  Glorious cake.  Frosting.  Cake.  Frosting.  Cake.  I like cake.  Have... Continue Reading →

Endeavor Series February Birthdays

It's that time of the month again!  Break out the music, put the candles on the cake, blow up the balloons, and throw some confetti around!  Drum roll, please, because it's time to find out who was born in February!   (I imagine this is more exciting for me since it's the very first time around.... Continue Reading →

Endeavor Series January Birthdays

Birthdays are awesome.  This year I'm doing something new on my site.  I want to say Happy Birthday once to month to the characters who make this series rock.  You know, I have joked a lot about my interaction with my cast members, so this is a natural step for me.  And while I am... Continue Reading →

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