Bookity Bookity Bath

Apparently, people read books in the bathtub.  I don't get it.  No matter how hard I try, I can't manage to get the experience on television or the movies to work for me.  And that's not even counting the fact that when I get in the bathtub, the water (and/or bubbles) most definitely does not... Continue Reading →

Books About Writing

Confession:  I wrote 4 books before I ever touched a book about writing. I almost feel like a traitor for not liking books about writing.  I mean, aren't writers supposed to like them?  Don't they have a whole shelf (at least) of books to encourage and challenge them in their craft?  Aren't we all supposed... Continue Reading →

The Girl Who Wrote Books

I'm sitting here thinking about my book release this week, and I'm overwhelmed with happiness. I'm actually in bed today, nursing a minor workout injury that I (as usual) kept working out with. Two kids are sick. I'm exhausted. I have something I want to try this week that is dorky and fun, but I... Continue Reading →

Love for the Spouse of a Writer

  It must be hard to be married to a writer. We keep odd hours, staying up late at night to take advantage of the finally quiet household and then often getting up early to snag some more of that time.  Sometimes we get vicious around our writing time, finally snapping at culprits when they... Continue Reading →

Endeavor Series Geography

Today I want to share a bit of geography from my book series.  It's nothing special, or even great.  Just a little bit of sometimes out of focus fun.  I did learn, though, that you can hear me in this one since I'm holding the device!  My husband says I need a microphone, and perhaps... Continue Reading →

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