Worthy Details

Nobody can deny that details are important when writing books.  They are notoriously even more so if you are writing fantasy, which naturally dictates that you explain a little more when you plop your characters down in a setting other than the one outside of the door. But like most topics in life, there is... Continue Reading →

Interview with the Author: S. S. Bazinet

Welcome to this week's Interview with the Author!  Today I am happy to introduce you to the one and only S. S. Bazinet.  Is your Goodreads up and ready to add her books?  Then let's proceed! S. S. Bazinet, or Sandra as I finally found out through this interview, is an author I've met through... Continue Reading →

With Continued Thanks

Hey everybody!  I'm currently hiding away as I finish Fervent Desolation, but I really needed to give a quick thank you for the continued support of the Endeavor Series.  I announced a goal to get 25 reviews for Phoenix Incandescent on Goodreads and Amazon, and have been pleased to have people step up and help... Continue Reading →

Something New from my Blog

You probably already know that I LURVE books, and I try to support other authors, regardless of which route they have chosen to publish.  It's one of the ways I try to actively combat the green eyed monster that comes scratching after all of us from time to time.  Fun fact. I have now had... Continue Reading →

My Character Doesn’t Always Save the Day

So when I planned the 9 books of my series that follow a central arc (The last three are stand alones), I decided that I wanted to do something a little weird.  In a normal book series, the goodie always saves the day from the baddie at the end of the book.  But as I... Continue Reading →

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