The Bell (AKA Bronte) Sisters

Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell, AKA the Bronte Sisters, caught my attention recently.  I read Emily’s Wuthering Heights first, and wanted to read the others soon after, but Le Sigh, I got distracted by other books.  It wasn’t until I was messing around on Pinterest that the Bronte Lit Bug bit me again.  This time... Continue Reading →


Endeavor Series Geography

Today I want to share a bit of geography from my book series.  It's nothing special, or even great.  Just a little bit of sometimes out of focus fun.  I did learn, though, that you can hear me in this one since I'm holding the device!  My husband says I need a microphone, and perhaps... Continue Reading →

The Character of Characters

I read a fabulous book recently, and then I did what I should not have done...I went to Goodreads and read the reviews for the book. OUCH.  Everybody hates the character I love. I took a deep breath, imagined all the haters in ugly granny panties having a mammogram, and then had a laugh. Because... Continue Reading →

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