A Recipe and a Good Read

I love food and drinks.  I love books.  So I'm pretty much always on the lookout for a good recipe or book.  Last Friday night I hit the jackpot with a trilogy of good stuff:  Artichoke Pasta, Nina Romano's A Risky Christmas Affair, and Mint Julep tea. I have these amazing author friends on Twitter,... Continue Reading →


Under the Pew Writer

There are books you gladly take to church and pass over the pew, letting the holy light shine upon the cover for just a second in case anybody close by needs that book.  And that's awesome.  I'm so glad we have those books.  I read those books.  They aren't my bag, baby, but every now... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter and the Reluctant Reader

Something amazing and magical and fabulous happened in our household this week.  One of my reluctant readers ravished a part of a book in an afternoon. Ya'll. Okay, so background.  I am an avid reader.  My husband is not.  Now, he devours books that he likes.  Those Wheel of Time books?  He has the entire... Continue Reading →

My Secret SHIP

I'm going to be a reader only today, folks.  I'll put on my writer skirt and yak about it from that perspective another time.  Today I'm trashing myself if need be.     It's TMI Friday. This week I'd like to dip into some literary TMI in the form of Ships (Relationships). Now, to be... Continue Reading →

The Bell (AKA Bronte) Sisters

Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell, AKA the Bronte Sisters, caught my attention recently.  I read Emily’s Wuthering Heights first, and wanted to read the others soon after, but Le Sigh, I got distracted by other books.  It wasn’t until I was messing around on Pinterest that the Bronte Lit Bug bit me again.  This time... Continue Reading →

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