Castbreaker (11)

1-10  This is it for now, but you never know. Maybe some of these shorts will turn into longs. Or maybe they will stay shorts. Idk. It's shorts weather for now. 😉 It is through your son that you find your magic. You were walking with him under the moonlight as he fussed over a... Continue Reading →

Castbreaker (10)

Castbreaker 1-9 “What is the problem with rebuilding society?” you ask yourself as you follow Vienna up the mountain side, all your belongings on your back, and your pup at your feet. You remember when you followed her in the tunnels. While you are happy to have gone through the tunnels with her, you are... Continue Reading →

Castbreaker (9)

Vienna leaves, and you bury yourself in building. You didn't realize that you'd be building, but when you ask Vienna what to do until the children are born and old enough to be away from their mothers, she laughs. "Do you see somebody here to tell you what to do?" she holds her mouth like... Continue Reading →

Castbreaker (8)

(For past installments, see the Castbreaker section of my Random Literature page.) You stare at the face in the mirror in the dim light of a flickering candle.  It’s the last candle.  You will have to go into town today.  But you’ll face that trouble when it comes.  Tonight, like every night since you arrived,... Continue Reading →

Castbreaker (pt 6)

(Castbreaker parts 1-5) It’s much harder to climb through the mountains than you thought it would be.  She takes a strange path, up and then down.  To one side, and then to the other.  Your body is used to less food already, but it’s also used to less movement.  Your legs scream and your chest... Continue Reading →

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