Clawthorn (new pt 10)

(A beast of a girl, A beauty of a guy.  It's an old story with a new bite.  For past installments-including, please forgive me, the chapters I'm redoing/adding to right now-see here.  I'll have all these middle chapters straightened out here soon.  Thanks for understanding.)    We hear the cubs before we see them.  They... Continue Reading →



There are two books that have to be written this summer, Clawthorn and Fervent Desolation.  I'm working mostly on Clawthorn right now.  I've gone back a few chapters to strengthen 8 and add a new 9.  This is all very normal draft behavior for me, but usually you don't see this stuff.   I started... Continue Reading →

Clawthorn Chapter 12

"They fled into the forest with only what they had strapped to their backs. No one knows how long they had been running, or from who or what. The stories only say that they collapsed into the hollowed trunk of a tree far enough into the forest that they were certain not to be seen... Continue Reading →

Clawthorn Chapter 11

What do you know of forgiveness?" Her tongue slithers out as she speaks. "What do you know of the weight of adult decisions?" I lie down on the floor and stare at her as she tries to wobble her self into a better position. The weight of a human head must be hard for her... Continue Reading →

Clawthorn Chapter 10

Sharp pain penetrates my upper left leg. I swipe at the guard closest to me, throwing him into Alfred's side. I lunge for another guard, and that is when I notice the odd feeling overtaking my body. I stumble and fall. My vision dims. I know nothing else. I awake to find myself in a... Continue Reading →

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