Dangerous Solutions (11)

I left Windwhip tethered to a tree with a note tucked in plain sight, but I lied in the last part of the note.  The rest of the note was correct.  I knew she would be hunted heavily at first, and so I had trailed her along with Bexy and Ma.  We watched her from... Continue Reading →

Dangerous Solutions (10)

Previous Installments "Wake up.  There's another customer waiting, and we only have the one table." I rolled as I winced and took a couple of unsteady steps toward the door where a short woman with a long skirt that looked like it was made of bark was waiting. "First removal?"  She asked with a laughing... Continue Reading →

Dangerous Solutions (9)

For past installments of Dangerous Solutions, please see my Random Literature page here.  The stories on that page are my way of learning more about writing.  I'm making myself use different POVs to expand my skills.  I'm putting myself out there in first draft status (I will eventually publish a book of shorts) to continue... Continue Reading →

Dangerous Solutions (8)

“I am not yours.”  I yell as loud as I can before I race across the rooftop.  The Inn is surrounded by buildings of importance.  I pull on the pair of gloves I had found in the coat, climb down the latticed wall, and dash toward the public gardens across the street.  I hear him,... Continue Reading →

Dangerous Solutions (7)

Parts 1-6 I let her sleep.   I remember my first kill, well, rather the exhaustion afterwards.  The kill I don’t remember much about.  It all happened so fast, and my skills were clumsy at best.  It was nothing like I thought it would be when I was a kid playing with a wooden sword... Continue Reading →

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