Hugo and Amadahy

This is part 11 of Hugo and Amadahy's story.  For parts 1-10, please see my Endeavor Side Stories.  For those of you who are new, these are first drafty stories.  I will most likely flesh them out later on, but for now it's just for fun.  Plus, sometimes they give me inspiration for the books... Continue Reading →

Hugo and Amadahy, part 10

If you are new to my blog, I try to write side stories from my main book series.  As of today, I have a page for them!  Click here to check it out. Hugo and Amadahy are Charlotte's grandparents.  I love their love story.  If you follow the link above, you will find the links to... Continue Reading →

Hugo and Amadahy, Part 9

I'm late!  Okay, last bit of Hugo and Amadahy for a bit.   But first, I realized that I'm behind on updates.  I feel like I've over posted you all this week (I meant well!), so I'll try to make this fast! Phoenix Incandescent is on Wattpad.  I'm putting it there (I have 8 chapters... Continue Reading →

Hugo and Amadahy, Part 8

Sorry for missing this yesterday!  The truth is that I have days that I feel absolutely worthless as a writer.  The best way to get through those days is to push myself by doing something I'm afraid of or something new.  I wish I had the confidence other people have, but I just don't.  So... Continue Reading →

Hugo and Amadahy, Part 7

Happy Valentines Day!  Or not.  I'm not a huge fan of holidays, and yet I am.  I have issues.  Actually, it's just that I'm more of a big picture kind of person.  Individual days come and go.  I try to show love all year round, because it's important to me.  That being said, I like... Continue Reading →

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