With Continued Thanks

Hey everybody!  I'm currently hiding away as I finish Fervent Desolation, but I really needed to give a quick thank you for the continued support of the Endeavor Series.  I announced a goal to get 25 reviews for Phoenix Incandescent on Goodreads and Amazon, and have been pleased to have people step up and help... Continue Reading →

Hugo and Amadahy (pt 20)

“Stay in bed.”  Hugo mumbled as he tossed his arm over her.  She shrugged his arm off and leaned in to kiss him before she hurried out into the cold, morning air.  She didn’t blame him for wanting to stay in bed.  Their separation had been hard on both of them, but had both needed... Continue Reading →

Hugo and Amadahy (pt 19)

(For new readers, Hugo and Amadahy are Charlotte's grandparents.  She is a magic user from the Americas while he is a magic user from Europe.  I backed up the story so we could all explore the birth of weaver magic, as well as set the foundation for the castle and Isaac -and everybody else!  For... Continue Reading →

Hugo and Amadahy (pt 18)

The cold of the night bit their skin. The sun slanted against the sand. Amadahy stood on her aching legs and stretched the soreness from them. They hid the canoe behind some rocks, as Ramsay feared it might offend the trees. They walked among the trees of arms and elbows as they followed the heartbeat... Continue Reading →

Hugo and Amadahy pt. 12

Previous Installments of Hugo and Amadahy's story can be found here. The snow fell softly at first.  They watched it lightly cover the earth and leaves and the roof of their home as the sun set.  When it fell harder, and the bitter cold had numbed their fingers, they shut the door and warmed themselves... Continue Reading →

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