*takes out tiny violin*. I'm without a laptop right now.  My power cord decided, after months of being taped up in awkward places, that it would give out.  It isn't the hugest deal in the world.  The power cord and I have been on again off again for a few years.  I think this is... Continue Reading →

Sneak Peek of Opalescent Immersion

It's March, baby!  Are you ready to swim with the mermaids?   I've got some goodies planned for the days leading up to the release of Opalescent Immersion, and here's one of them!  This is a bit of Chapter 19, What Happened After (the closet).  I added this section of the book after I had... Continue Reading →

The Middle Books Ain’t No Whiners

I'm about to release Opalescent Immersion on March 8th, and I'd like to take a few moments to spoil the middle books for you just a teeny tiny humungous amount.  Here's the basic outline: 4th:  Opalescent Immersion (mermaids) 5th:  Fervent Desolation  (centaurs) 6th:  No Name (I just haven't thought of it yet) and the creatures... Continue Reading →

Hugo and Amadahy, Part 9

I'm late!  Okay, last bit of Hugo and Amadahy for a bit.   But first, I realized that I'm behind on updates.  I feel like I've over posted you all this week (I meant well!), so I'll try to make this fast! Phoenix Incandescent is on Wattpad.  I'm putting it there (I have 8 chapters... Continue Reading →

Hugo and Amadahy, Part 8

Sorry for missing this yesterday!  The truth is that I have days that I feel absolutely worthless as a writer.  The best way to get through those days is to push myself by doing something I'm afraid of or something new.  I wish I had the confidence other people have, but I just don't.  So... Continue Reading →

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