Fervent Desolation: Chapter Two

(the cover is also still being worked on) Vincent sat between the two bookcases, his bare feet pressed against the smooth wood of the shelves that housed the magani anatomy books, and his back against the ones which started the magical mythology section.  The books started with world mythology, and two bookcases later the mythology... Continue Reading →

Fervent Desolation: Chapter One

(You're going to see some things not added in this chapter, because I leave certain additions until the final round of editing.  I like to leave some fun things like the tidbits and magical book titles until the last round just to have a reward.) Beau watched the smoke leave Charlotte’s fingertips as she practiced... Continue Reading →

Fervent Desolation: Prologue

(This hasn't been through the final rounds, but it's close to ready.) Philip shifted more of his weight off of his left leg, adjusted his shoulders into a square position, and straightened his neck so it wouldn’t rub against the ironed crease of his collar.  The dark blue pinstriped suit with a tie of the... Continue Reading →

Forward March!

Do you remember my office?  It was actually our bedroom, but there was plenty of room for an office in our room, and so our walls were covered with calendar and maps and chapter storyboarding and art.  I started my vlog here and wrote the first four books here (with exception of the early stages... Continue Reading →

Which Cover?

Here are all the covers I've made over the last couple of years for Fervent Desolation: They have all in different ways represented this next book.  They each have had several versions.  I wanted to share because it's the reality of what I go through with every single one of my books.  You can see... Continue Reading →

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