Breaking Chains

July 15, 2019 What was your hardest scene to write? When I set out to write fantasy, I had a wish list of things I wanted to do in my books.  I love to read fantasy, but I hadn't come across a set of fantasy books that really-really appealed to me. Most of the classics are... Continue Reading →

My Character Doesn’t Always Save the Day

So when I planned the 9 books of my series that follow a central arc (The last three are stand alones), I decided that I wanted to do something a little weird.  In a normal book series, the goodie always saves the day from the baddie at the end of the book.  But as I... Continue Reading →

Book Trailers

Hey!  I know I've been very quiet lately, but I've been learning some new things.  Right now I'm in the middle of making book trailers!  Below you will find Phoenix Incandescent and Malignant Transfiguration.  I will try to make a trailer for Apex Transcendence today, and then I will make one for Opalescent Immersion tomorrow... Continue Reading →

Meet Vincent

I am going to give you the partial creation story of Vincent.  You already know the beginning if you read Meet David.  I was sitting at my table, having just dealt with David, and there was Vincent, swaggering across the lawns.  He must have been caught in slow motion while I was dealing with David. ... Continue Reading →

Meet David

It's time to meet David. Okay, so insider secret.  David was originally not a part of book 1.  Not even a hint.   When I started writing book 2, I wanted Charlotte to have some more family.  The creation of David took my little throw a book together in several weeks and dream up possible... Continue Reading →

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