Sneak Peek of Opalescent Immersion

It's March, baby!  Are you ready to swim with the mermaids?   I've got some goodies planned for the days leading up to the release of Opalescent Immersion, and here's one of them!  This is a bit of Chapter 19, What Happened After (the closet).  I added this section of the book after I had... Continue Reading →

The Middle Books Ain’t No Whiners

I'm about to release Opalescent Immersion on March 8th, and I'd like to take a few moments to spoil the middle books for you just a teeny tiny humungous amount.  Here's the basic outline: 4th:  Opalescent Immersion (mermaids) 5th:  Fervent Desolation  (centaurs) 6th:  No Name (I just haven't thought of it yet) and the creatures... Continue Reading →

What Really Happens Under the Sea

I am working my way through Opalescent Immersion one last time before in releases in early March.  It's been about a month or so since I've read over my latest draft, so my mind is fresh and the edits are going great.  I have been looking forward to writing this book since I decided that... Continue Reading →

Creating A Fantasy Community: Underwater Edition

I'm 4 books into the Endeavor Series, and I'm starting to feel like I have a groove going now on creating fantasy communities.  So far my books have covered the following magical societies in America:  Phoenix Incandescent:  This is my launch book, so you get to have a glimpse of the magical world in the... Continue Reading →

The Book that was All About the Guys

Okay, so I've been all, YAY book 4, you are the best!!!  Right?  I do it each book, and I love my job, so that's what you will get each time.  But I do want to confess something that I've got on my mind for book 4. It's mostly from guy viewpoints. (So book 1,... Continue Reading →

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