Phoenix Incandescent-New Format

I'm excited to announce that Phoenix Incandescent is now available as an audio book through Youtube!  I've been working hard the last few weeks to add it to my channel so the option is out there. I actually always have one chapter from each book available on Youtube, which is why my setting for... Continue Reading →

Phoenix Incandescent: Epilogue

The Source (Six Weeks Earlier) Isaac, wind swept hair hanging in front of his glasses, inched his way across the ledge.  He pressed his body against the flat sections of rock and gripped the rocks that jutted out.  The waterfall roared and sprayed and crashed.  His heart pounded furiously.  He ignored it.  He pressed his... Continue Reading →

Phoenix Incandescent: Twenty-Two

The Girl who finally got her Dance Charlotte woke.  She groaned and lifted her painful hands up.  Bandages covered both hands and all of her fingers.  She took a deep breath and caught the scent of cooling onion soup.  Oh, onion soup!  She turned her head to the side.  On the nightstand was the old,... Continue Reading →

Phoenix Incandescent: Twenty-One

The Garden of Glass The sun reflected off of the deep snow.  Charlotte put her hand over her eyebrows and looked over the battlefield.  The stench wasn’t new this time, but it still wrung her stomach.  How many fauns had they lost?  How many Fauns were left?  All Charlotte saw were the pressed uniforms of... Continue Reading →

Phoenix Incandescent: Nineteen

Fall or Fly Sheets of rain slapped the sides of the barn.  The temperature outside was dropping fast, but inside the barn was filled with warmth.  Lodestar and Zorach stood near the front of the barn.  They had been speaking in whispers for hours.  Evangeline and Charlotte rested while they watched Ebby play on the... Continue Reading →

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