Good Fences (Final)

(For the rest of the story, check out my Random Literature page. I finished up a section earlier than I expected, but such is writing.) The little yellow clock on the kitchen counter next to the pot of eggs and boiling water went tick tock as her fingers went click clack against her keyboard. Everett... Continue Reading →

Good Fences (7)

Hey guys! I'll be finishing this short story next week with a couple of installments. I'll then work on Castbreaker or Only Human. I'll continue focusing on one short story at a time until I've got everything caught up. It's been really fun to dabble in short stories! Meanwhile, I'm working on getting a book... Continue Reading →

Good Fences (6)

Good Fences 1-5 Fences were infectious, Dorothy thought as she looked around the changing neighborhood. About a third of the neighborhood had upgraded. She and Everett were making their nightly walk around the neighborhood, taking pictures of the flowers. One of the neighbors had invited them to join the social media page for the area... Continue Reading →

Worthy Details

Nobody can deny that details are important when writing books.  They are notoriously even more so if you are writing fantasy, which naturally dictates that you explain a little more when you plop your characters down in a setting other than the one outside of the door. But like most topics in life, there is... Continue Reading →

Good Fences (5)

Good Fences 1-4 She was in the front room upstairs when she heard the wail.  Lights flashed around the room.  She reached for her trusty camera, the one with a bit of nail polish on the strap.  Click.  The camera caught the dancing lights on the wall. "Looks like we got the system just in... Continue Reading →

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