Leverage Chapter Three

New to this story?  Here's Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. This story is just for fun for me to practice writing skills, so I'm sharing it as I write it. Leverage Chapter Three Fences You wonder what kind of safe house the females could have set up. Once, he had heard, there had been cities... Continue Reading →

Leverage, CH 2

I got behind, didn't I?  I'm writing this story as a way to experiment with POVs. If you need it, here's Chapter 1.   Leverage Chapter 2 Down the Hole Dirt smells like heaven. You've gotten used to the smell of blood and puke and excrement and sweat and metal and straw and rodents and... Continue Reading →

New Story: Leverage

I started writing two new books this week.  I'm only doing them here and there for warm up/recreational/learning reasons.  I think.  I never know with these things. This story brought to you by the partnership between: The Kids are in Bed and I'm Feeling Wicked.   Leverage Chapter One The Burning Cell You sneeze. Pain... Continue Reading →

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