Why I Publicly Share Personal Stories

I thought it was a good time to share the why behind my choice to share bits of stories from my personal life. When you have or are trying to have a public presence online, there are two options for how to handle things. 1)  Have a clean, professional, solid presence.  Say nothing too personal.... Continue Reading →

Depression and Writing: Gain from Pain

Last week I shared on Facebook that I have struggled with PPD.  I didn't go into it much because I'm not really ready to share that bit of my life.  This morning I realized that there was a part of it I would like to share right now. I remember the days that I felt... Continue Reading →

Bare Feet and Lacey Bras

Oklahoma girls are something special.  (I imagine that these girls exist outside of OK, but please indulge my state loyalty.)  When it's time for a new bra, we find a pretty little (or in my case, honkingly huge) lacey black thing, strap it on, and go outside to weed the garden.  I don't know if... Continue Reading →

12 Years

Today is a good day.  Today I am celebrating my husband's birthday. Next month my husband and I will celebrate 12 years of marriage. That number may not be as impressive as 10 or 15, but it’s a fun number for me. You see, my husband and I have an age difference of 12 years. This... Continue Reading →

I Choose Pain

I didn't ask for chronic migraines.  I've had migraines nearly my entire life, but they were things to be endured now and then, not things to endure for about half of my life for the last few years.  It's not something I have time for right now.  There are children to educate.  Books to be... Continue Reading →

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