Tips for Healing from Trauma

Becoming a mother ignited a fire in my heart. I loved those babies, and now I love these teen/pre teens. But investing so much heart and time and sweat and blood into other humans beings than myself came with a side effect I wasn't ready for. My 20s were full of a longing I hadn't... Continue Reading →


Managing Imposter Syndrome: Concrete Anchors

Hi. My name is Amy. I have written 7 books with more on the way. I struggle with Imposter Syndrome. I still wince inside when I tell people that I'm an author. I always feel like I should undervalue myself to make people feel more comfortable, or to assure them that I'm not full of... Continue Reading →

The Pity Present

Have you ever gotten a pity present? You know the one. It's the "I'm Sorry You're Such A Loser And I Am Not" gift. Just me? Well, okay. So I was digging through some things earlier, because don't tell anybody ┬áthat our garage has boxes sitting against the walls of things we haven't gone through,... Continue Reading →

A New Stage of Writing

Do you like To Do lists? I love them. I started this system years ago where I write down on a piece of paper: Today This Week Eventually I put all the immediate concerns under Today. I like titling it Today because even if I don't get it done today, it can just hang out... Continue Reading →

Winters of the Heart

Have you ever had a winter of the heart, a time when you freeze up and protect yourself? Last week I was supposed to start Clawthorn, but I couldn't get it going. I was in tears by the end of the week, frustrated and furious. Where was the new project joy? Where was the passion... Continue Reading →

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