A Dream of Mine

Usually when I talk about dreams on this blog, I talk about the dreams of the future and what I'd like to be in it one way or the other. Today I want to share a dream I woke up from 15 mins ago, which means this might end up being a double post day.... Continue Reading →

Creative Sabbatical Part One

I started a year long journey last week.  I will write about it, but just not yet.  In the meantime, here's a bit of what I've been playing around with.  Also, the books want what they want, lol.  I am at the mercy of the arts during this time, and I love it.   Live... Continue Reading →

What Really Happens Under the Sea

I am working my way through Opalescent Immersion one last time before in releases in early March.  It's been about a month or so since I've read over my latest draft, so my mind is fresh and the edits are going great.  I have been looking forward to writing this book since I decided that... Continue Reading →

My Chicken Shit List

This morning I made crepes for the very first time.  I have wanted to make crepes since I first heard the word crepes uttered from somebody's lips.  I love food.  I love words.  So when a lovely food and a lovely word come together, I am caught up in a crazy wave of bliss. But ... Continue Reading →

The Day the Kitchen Revolted

Yesterday was a normal, crazy day in my household.  I was tired from a weekend of yard work, yet energized by the new school month.  The children were outside playing in the sun, supper was in the crockpot, and I was finishing up with morning cleaning.  I was contemplating whether or not I should try... Continue Reading →

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