Depression and Writing: Gain from Pain

Last week I shared on Facebook that I have struggled with PPD.  I didn't go into it much because I'm not really ready to share that bit of my life.  This morning I realized that there was a part of it I would like to share right now. I remember the days that I felt... Continue Reading →

Bare Feet and Lacey Bras

Oklahoma girls are something special.  (I imagine that these girls exist outside of OK, but please indulge my state loyalty.)  When it's time for a new bra, we find a pretty little (or in my case, honkingly huge) lacey black thing, strap it on, and go outside to weed the garden.  I don't know if... Continue Reading →

TMI Friday: The Bad Homeschool Mom

I was walking booth to booth with a large, brown paper bag dangling between my fingers.  I had a few flyers in it already, and some notes scribbled onto the bag from a booth that hadn't prepared as well as they would have liked.  I went to almost all of the tables that night, working... Continue Reading →

I Love Ya But

Today I'd like to do some Sit Down.  It's like Stand Up, but lazier. Today is International Women's Day.  Or as the women who are born on March 8th like to call it, Happy Steal My Thunder Day.  It's not like Pancake Day, when everybody can tell those women, "We Love Pancakes, but We Love... Continue Reading →

The Girl Who Wrote Books

I'm sitting here thinking about my book release this week, and I'm overwhelmed with happiness. I'm actually in bed today, nursing a minor workout injury that I (as usual) kept working out with. Two kids are sick. I'm exhausted. I have something I want to try this week that is dorky and fun, but I... Continue Reading →

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