The Adventures of Fish Stick and Creepy Mommy

One month ago we hooked up a trailer to our van and spent two days moving our household, half of which had been in storage for a couple of years, into our very first home.  Our children are 12, 11, 9, and 7, and we were entirely proud of them for helping with the moving.... Continue Reading →


Remember Me

So this week's Open Book Blog asks: What do you want people to remember about you? Most importantly, I want my kids to remember, most of all, that I loved them.  I ask my kids that frequently.  Do you know that I love you?  Like really know?  Down in the end of your toenails know?... Continue Reading →

Mommy Needs to Write

I'm a better person when I write, ya'll.  And I, um, having not been writing like I need or want to.  Now, initially I did not plan on writing during the years I was raising kiddos because I thought I knew best and my plan was to do it after I was done with this... Continue Reading →

The David in Me

I want to share a dream of mine with ya'll.  I have four kids, 12, 10, 9, and 7.  It was really rude of my daughters to turn 9 and 7 recently, because at this time of year, those middle two reveal that they are, in fact, 18 months apart.  The younger three look almost... Continue Reading →

How to Build People Up

I share my hard times because 1) They lose power over me the more I share, 2) I believe that in sharing honestly, we are able to better connect with others, 3) That there is magnificent strength in vulnerability, 4) Sharing stories reminds people that words and actions do matter, and that freedom should not... Continue Reading →

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