Only Human (pt 7)

(parts 1-6) “Show me,” I demand of Xanth when he gets home.  “So you moved to anger,” he kisses me on the neck and then slides past me to the backroom where he tosses his work clothes into the growing pile on the chair that probably smells like it has held dirty laundry for fifteen... Continue Reading →

Only Human (pt 6)

Pts 1-5 I’ve never thought of Betty as an aunt in all the years I’ve known her. She’s more like a big sister, one who has already lived through the secrets and is happy to spill the info over a plate of nachos. One who listens to everything you say, offers her experience now and... Continue Reading →

Only Human (pt 5)

Parts 1-4  Dear Me,  I want you to know that if the amulet didn’t work, it’s because you truly are dane. I’m making it just in case the magical doctor was wrong, and I have a tiny bit of magic in me. If it doesn’t, I’ve instructed Xanth to give it to me long after... Continue Reading →

Only Human

(For previous posts, check out my Random Literature page here.) The book in my lap was faded and dusty.  He had given it to me on my 40th birthday, long after the cake and party with friends.   “I want you to read it all before making any judgments.”  He said as he groaned and... Continue Reading →

Only Human (Entry 3)

Dear Me, If the amulet didn’t work and you haven’t burned this book, then it’s time for you to remember the story of how our parents met. It’s gag worthy, I assure you. Every three years the UMW (underwater magical world) has an Olympics. Yes, our mother is a silver medal Olympic jumper. It would... Continue Reading →

Only Human Pt 2

Dear Me, I should tell you about our parents. Is it weird that I said our?  I think I will always be an our after they take my memories.  There’s the me right now, and the me that you are.  Would we be friends if we met?  Betty says not to fret so much.  She... Continue Reading →

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