I Love Flat Characters and I Will Not Lie

I have said this before time and time again.  I.  LOVE.  Flat.  Characters.  *swoons*    Yes, my husband belongs to HABB  (Husbands Against Book Boyfriends).  Or maybe he belongs to HFBB (Husbands For Book Boyfriends).  I mean, I can swoon all I want over a book, but it's his bed I sleep in, right?  A... Continue Reading →

Books About Writing

Confession:  I wrote 4 books before I ever touched a book about writing. I almost feel like a traitor for not liking books about writing.  I mean, aren't writers supposed to like them?  Don't they have a whole shelf (at least) of books to encourage and challenge them in their craft?  Aren't we all supposed... Continue Reading →

A Dream of Mine

Usually when I talk about dreams on this blog, I talk about the dreams of the future and what I'd like to be in it one way or the other. Today I want to share a dream I woke up from 15 mins ago, which means this might end up being a double post day.... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Being Critical (of your own work)

"Have you ever googled your first book?"  My husband asked me last night as he was getting ready for bed. I was already in bed, warm and comfortable and smelling of muscle rub as I contemplated how much of an idiot I was.  I've had a sore rear for a couple of days courtesy of... Continue Reading →

Musing with Authors: I Am A Skirtser

(Yeah, I changed the title of my writer/author series from Authors Anonymous to Musing with Authors.) Pantser VS Plotter  We all know the controversy. Some writers are Plotters.  Nearly everything in their book is written by design, thank you very much.  The trip has been planned, and here is your seat in the car.  Your... Continue Reading →

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